COINCNHAT is best app where you can earn crypto!!!

By gors3333 | MoreAIRDROP | 22 Sep 2019



Security wallet

Provides an easy-to-use wallet function (more than 90% of assets are stored in cold wallet, safe and secure), and also provides a personal cold wallet for large-value customers (signing device through an offline Android phone), from new users to large customers can find their own easy-to-use cryptocurrency wallets.

Support hundreds of currencies, BTC, ETH and ERC20. And we will continue to support more mainstream currencies.


Chat and candy

Encrypted stored user chats, as well as community features optimized for the cryptocurrency community.

Provides automatic grouping of candy, group restrictions (user's wallet assets), etc. to manage your cryptocurrency community, forming a community that is easy to promote and valuable.


Official accounts and paid readings

You can create your own COINCHAT official account, post articles, and get your readers' cryptocurrency rewards, supporting BTC, ETH, USDT, etc.

You can also set the official accounts as a paid one to earn cryptocurrency income.


Games and deals

In order to solve the complex call of ETH's smart contract, we encapsulate most of the complex operations, and make the popular ETH smart contract game into a version that can also be used by new users, and release it to users.

All of this is based on ETH's smart contract, but it's simple and convenient.





we will add more games , we are planning for add more games in Game center 

  • Bust game. 
  • Football guessing games
  • Lottery

the bust game will be online in 1-2 weeks and we will have a chance to sell CCG for the funds of Bust game bank.

I will send an articles to explain the new game and game bank system later.

and we will share the same profits of the bust game (80% profits will be payback to ccg holders)

  351665157-bcc6e0d1c8463084d00e9deca32d85ed367e5d985f42b6fef10435857da0f1c8.png351665157-73422f8587991863304fddf7e44dee0816dfdd4db781ca8d8cb7da478b2a27af.png         I know everyone hate lose money, if you hate risk and hate lose money, you can buy some CCG in exchange center and waiting for the profits sharing. we will share profits every hour. by recently data (30 days  CCG price in Exchange center ) the CCG will be get back the money in 7 month. buy 1 CCG with USDT and you could get the same USDT in 7 month (it is Calculation by myself. maybe it will be change in days) , but I must said it is very very valueable things to buy and hold CCG




The lucky bag contains a random number of digital currency such as BTC, ETH and CCC.

Invite a rule to invite a user, you can get 10 CCC, the invited user can get 50 CCC, you can get the amount of the amount you invite the user to bet, the specific accounting rules are as follows. Level 1 invites users, 60% of the commission. Level 2 invites users, 20% of the commission. Level 3 invites users, 20% of the commission. In the explosion point, 20% of the 1% of the user's bet amount is taken as the platform income, and 50% of the platform's revenue is used as the commissioner (this is 10% of the 1% of the user's bet). Fair scorpion, sub-accounting is under development, and this part of the sub-ledger will be started after the completion of development.

The most secure digital wallet COINCHAT is officially released. Register now to get 50 CCC, invite friends to receive more candy bags, and poke me immediately: COINCHAT APP

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