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First steps and apps for passive income (Complete List of apps+Updated)



1st app I started using and a very simple one, just open the app and share the extra bandwith that u have and you dont use and get paid for it, u can get

 payed on BTC or with a 50% extra on a new crypto on binance smart chain called JumpToken which has incrised  in price a +10% on last month.

Honeygain (Bandwith sharing app) now gives u a bonus +50% more money if u get paid in a token called Jumptask which u can easily convert to BUSD or USDT on PancakeSwap no minimum for withdrawing (Link to convert Link) U can use these app on mobile and desktop and the daily reward gets a +50% bonus aswell. It pays 0.2$ per Gb.

Link: HoneyGain (5$ bonus)



2nd Peer2profit one of my latest discoveries and one of the most profitable ones, high use of bandwith, one of the best payed and a lot of withdraw options since u get 2$ worth of bandwith, which u can get easily on a week.

Peer2peer: (Bandwith sharing app) , may vary a lot, first week I installed it i got over 3$, next week almost 1$, cashout from 2$ so very easy to cashout with LTC. U can use these app on mobile and desktop (Always desktop is better) It pays 2$ per 3Gb, the best trade of all apps.

Link: Peer2Profit (25% extra bonus)

Brave BrowserHow do I use Brave News? – Brave Help Center

3rd Brave browser: Activating the 10 notification ads every hour and specialy brave news (Just scroll down every 2-3 hours) u get easily 10 BATs a month over 10$ (Brave news only available in desktop)

You can import all your previous configuration from your old browser so there is no penalty on changing.

You can activate the Brave news In the personalize button in the bottom left and activating them, u dont need to activate all newspapers as there must be a limit to not exploit it and get too much adds.

Link: Brave Download



4th Iproyal (Bandwith sharing app) You can cash out with minimum of 5$ via PayPal, it pays 0.2$ per 1.2Gb.

Another app of bandwith sharing, same as Peer2Profit and Honeygain, all can work on the same pc at the same time without any penalty, u can withdraw with paypal from 5$.

Link: IPRoyal Pawns (1$ bonus).


5th Income Spider (Bandwith sharing app) Great app on which you can get passive income just for being connected, its handicapp is the withdraw minimum of 20$. It pays 1$ per Gb.

On my experience lower badwith sharing than all the above apps.

Link: IncomeSpider (25% bonus)


Not a bandwith sharing one, it has multiple ways to get paid, my favourite and passive one is an autoclicker, u just open a privet window and paste a link and u will recive money while it searchs pages to promote them, u have other options like making blogs or opening a video form youtube or a webpage to get paid, u can get over 10$ a month with it.

No need to registeron facebook ot youtube just open the page.

Withdraw available from 1$ to paypal.

Link: Alexamaster (1000 coins bonus) 30k coins=1$

EarnAppOpiniones sobre Earnapp | Lee las opiniones sobre el servicio de

A bandwith sharing app with high use of internet around 400mb per day, much higher than most of the other apps, withdraw available from 2.5$ with paypal.

Link: EarnApp (10% extra gains 1st 5$)


Overall with these apps i get an extra 30-35$ a month :) Good Luck trying them.

You can comment other apps that you are using and i can add them to the post for newer users.

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More passive income for your PC
More passive income for your PC

Dedicated to recomend more apps for passive income ad well as cryptos: As I let my pc mining a lot of time i use these other apps to make money as the pc will be turned on all day and get all money possible i recomend you to try these apps.

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