Free Money from Paypal?

By Kjlimo | MontyBitcoin | 5 Mar 2021

  • Paypal is giving $10 for buying $10 of any ONE crypto currency
  • Paypal is giving $10 to new users

It appears Paypal is giving a push for new users and dipping your toe into the cryptocurrency world. If you don't own any cryptocurrency, then now may be your chance to get some for "free." If you don't own any on Paypal, then what have you got to lose?

Here's how the crypto offer works:  1) Save the offer to your account by 3/27/21. 

2) Buy $10 or more of crypto with Paypal by 3/30/21 (needs to be at least $10 in a single crypto and Paypal fees don't count towards the $10).

3) Use your $10 reward by 4/30/21.  

I bought $10 of bitcoin for $10.50. I think $0.50 is better than the $1 minimum fee through Coinbase, but that may just be for selling rather than buying. 

I have already received a $10 "reward" that can be applied to my next purchase. It seems there is some red tape, but I'm confident I'll put it to good use for something.   

I received an email with a "Save Offer" button. If you didn't get that, I would imagine you can find this offer when logging into your Paypal account.   

Here's how the new user offer works: If you know someone who doesn't have a Paypal account, you can send them $0.01 and after their first purchase, you both get $10. You can do this for up to 5 people.  

Last month, I was dreaming about how in the future, I'll be able to send bitcoin to my friends via Paypal the same way I send USD. Of course, I can already do this through Coinbase, but that requires someone to have two accounts (Paypal for USD and Coinbase for bitcoin). I feel like most people have a Paypal account already.

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