Up to 5% monthly to anyone, anywhere. The hell of an Usecase.

Up to 5% monthly to anyone, anywhere. The hell of an Usecase.

By Monolith | Monolith Insight | 3 Aug 2020

Let's talk plainly: LITH Rocks🤘🏻

Tokens aren't exactly popular these days (there just too many of them). In top of that, bad intentioned people -or just dumb people- try to sell us their shitty schemes, most of them sinking harder than Titanic and leading to daily scams.

Not being sorry for stating the obvious, what every new project needs is to build users' trust in the first place. Yes, simpler said than done (unless again you convince more dumb people of another crappy pyramidal system that will make them rich in no time).

Here's the thing: free money won't make you free nor autonomous! Most probably you would only get cents, or you will end up being scammed.

Now, what we do about that?

While anyone can try to archive same as we do, is not easy to handle a lot of invests at the same time for a single person. Too many deals, too many assets. Speaking plainly: they will probably crash and burn by trying to chew more that they can. So we provide them (a.k.a you!) the proper guarantees over the invests.

Let's do a pause to teach you some common sense: the higher the risk of an investment, the more profit can be archived (if you don't blow it), and by opposition, the lower the risk the less potential earnings.

We strongly discourage inexperienced investors to get involved with high risk investments too soon.

From here we hope it's obvious that we planned a low risk investment with an small return.

What you get.

We guarantee a minimum price at which our chips (tokens) can be sold, while we return up to 5% monthly interests on your holds.

⬆️ You don't need KYC! You will get your dividends no matter who you are or where you are.

⬆️ An small portion of our chips are free to get! Just stay in our social media.

⬆️ The lowest invest minimums ever. Low as under half a dollar! That's it. No one else does it.

⬆️ A guaranteed buyback price at 0.000055 BCH no matter what the BCH price at the time!

⬆️ Simplicity above all: No complicated schemes. You don't need any referrals!

There's always more to say, so stay tuned and help us educate the people. Also don't forget to Like and Subscribe.



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