Earn Rubles Daily Passively: Free System Explained.

Earn Rubles Daily Passively: Free System Explained.

By Monolith | Monolith Insight | 27 Aug 2020

Hi there Adepts, has being sometime since we came up with some nice post to earn money easily (and passively, which is even better). As you might guess it takes time to test things properly. Now we bring you a compound system to earn Rubles (RUB) with little effort and zero start funds, fully tested. Let's get started.


Preparation before the battle is essential. Here's what you need:

Payeer Very useful payment processor capable of handling Russian Rubles.


⚠️ Not available to US Citizens. You can also download the app from PlayStore.

KYC is not mandatory. Complete it only if you're expecting to handle amounts over 2000$ USD.

Chrome Recommended web browser, as you'll probably need automatic Google Translation from Russian.

Actually Starting

Create a Free Account on iBank:


👆 Use this link to make effective a promotional bonus of 1000 rubles in locked deposit. This funds are not for direct withdraw. Instead they will generate a daily % variable interest depending on iBank earnings.


💡 Recommended: Copy your referral link from iBank and start sharing with your friends, so both of you get rewards.

Now sign to the following (tested) sites:

🎮 http://best-drakon.biz/

🎮 https://my-plage.biz/

🎮 https://cars-farm.ru/

Only email and Payeer account required to register. Afterwards you receive a start bonus (paid in silver) on each of them.

💡 The sites are intentionally ordered from newest to oldest. In the newest ones you will have the biggest opportunities to earn. Anyway, use them all.

If you're familiar with "golden-tea" you know already this are ruble farms, and can be running for years, but don't get overconfident.

The System

1️⃣ Head for the in-game shop ("Buy Heroes" or similar) and buy a couple of the more expensive you can afford with game silver.

2️⃣ Claim all the available bonus (Withdraw Bonus, Daily Bonus, etc.) All of these have cooling intervals and is in your best interest to claim as much as possible within the first 24h.

3️⃣ Go to bed and come back tomorrow. Collect all the coins your characters produced. Sell those coin for silver. A 50% will end up in your withdraw balance and 50% for shopping balance.

💡Even if you reach the minimum (100 silver) do not withdraw yet. Let's make our money grow first.

4️⃣ Go for the multiplier (usually 250%) and exchange your full withdraw balance for shopping balance. You will receive 250% bonus on exchange.

5️⃣ With the extra silver buy the best heroe possible and repeat a few times until you're satisfied with the amount of coins being produced by the hour.

6️⃣ Wait a few days to receive your earnings from iBank (the more people you invite the sooner will be). Now reinvest that money in one of the farms.

7️⃣ You are ready now to start withdrawing from the farms. Withdraws to Payeer will be processed almost instantly. Now just don't keep the money to you, use it to reinvest in one of the other farms you are less advanced (you receive a 200% bonus in silver.)

That's it! Apply this scheme of withdrawing and reinvesting for as long as you consider prudent, but remember these games can go down anytime without previous notice. You will soon find yourself with a few Rubles daily doing absolutely nothing!

💡Exchange your earnings to USD, EUR, BTC and other assets using Payeer built-in exchange function.



                            Some payment proof for peace of mind.

Hope you find this useful. If you do, don't forget to Like and Subscribe.

Monolith, signing off.


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