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ClipClaps is a free application that is an entertainment app that helps you earn additional passive income while watching videos, playing games on mobile devices. You only need to watch the videos to make money. With funny and funny video store, you will not be bored when watching Video, if you have a phone running Android or IOS, you can completely download the app and proceed to watch videos or play games to earn money. The more you watch, the more money you’ll make.


Bonus code: 9E0Z1SAH


How to download and register Clipclaps get $ 1 free

Step 1: Download the app
To download the app to watch videos, play games make money you click the link below:

Then click Copy to copy the code to get $ 1 as shown below


Step 2: Sign up for an account
You can register for an account in 2 ways:

  • Register by phone number
  • Sign up with Facebook account


Step 3: Enter the code 9E0Z1SAH to get 1 $
To receive $ 1 when signing up for an account, enter the Redeem code of 9E0Z1SAH and click Redeem >> Continue

Step 4: Complete personal information
Now we will complete personal information by entering your name, gender, age.

Step 5: Instructions to watch videos make money
When you complete the registration, it will display a video for you to watch.

Now you can see that when you watch the video to its reward you will receive a reward chest.


Click Reward >> Open to receive the reward.

The rewards you get in the chest are raffle tickets for cash, coins, and amazon vouchers, etc.


Step 6: Enter the code Redeem
If you did not enter the Redeem code at first, you can enter it by clicking Reward >> Redeem and entering the code 9E0Z1SAH to receive $ 1 reward.

Make money details with Clipclaps

There are 2 ways to earn chests in the Clipclaps application

1. Watch the video

This part I have introduced you to the above so I will not guide it again because it is also very simple, I think you can completely do it yourself.

2. Invite friends

For every friend you invite successfully you will receive 1 chest.

To invite your friends to the Rewards section >> click on the green chest


You will then be redirected to the page to invite friends


You can invite friends via facebook, message or click on More to get your referral link.

After opening the chest you will earn tickets to unlock the rewards in the Raffle Tickets section.


Click Play to scratch and you can see the rewards with the percentage% winning in each box.


Click Play to join and you will see a list of boxes as shown below


Select any cell to open and click Confirm


And you might be lucky to open the $ 1 box just like me


Click Collect to receive the reward.

Some other ways to make money in Clipclap application, you should also refer to this below.

Exchange chests for coins in ClipClaps
In addition to opening the chest for coins and tickets, you can exchange the chest for coins by clicking More in the Exchange section.


You will have more options in this


Sometimes in the Clapcoin Store there are special offers for new members that allow you to exchange coins for cash at attractive prices, you should not ignore that offer.

Exchange coins for cash in ClipClaps

You go to “Rewards” Tab in Exchage and click on “More”


Click the “Cash Exchange”


Select the number of coins to be exchanged for money and press the “Exchange”

Note: You need to have over 1,000 coins to exchange.


Saving deposits with interest in ClipClaps
Still in More section of Exchage click on the image “300 clapcoin receive 3,000 clapcoin after 24 hours”


Select the savings plan and then click the Buy


Play Money Games with ClipClaps

You go to “Me” >> Game Center.


here are 2 parts in this:

  • Gaming
  • Scratch
    In the game making money Clipclaps will have 3 games that are Texas Holdem, Aquarium, Brainaire


In this article I will guide you to play the game Aquarium — Raising fish make money offline, and the remaining 2 games please research and share how to play for everyone through the Comment section below.

Okay, when you first enter the Aquarium game, you will receive a few gifts from Clipclaps including:

  1. 50 pearls (pearls used to buy fingerlings and aquarium decorations)
  2. 20 jars of fish food
  3. 3 fish breed lv1
    If you want to buy more fingerlings then click on Shop


The first fish will cost 10 pearls, if you want to buy more then click on it


Click the “Feed” to feed the fish, when the fish is full you can harvest pearls and Clapcoin


At the same time as the fish grows it will evolve into another fish and depending on the type of fish evolved you can sell that fish for cash or Clapcoin.

To sell fish, go to Shop >> Sell (here the longer you keep the fish, the higher level of fish the higher price of fish will be)


To get fish food, you can buy it in the store or steal your friends by clicking on the friends section.


The list of friends will appear as below, then click Visit to visit the friends’ aquarium.


Click Steal to get food.


How to withdraw money from ClipClaps to Paypal

Click on the amount (… USD) in the “Reward” Tab


Choose the amount you want to withdraw.

If you withdraw $ 0.10 you will not be charged a transfer fee. If you want to withdraw from $ 10 or more you will lose the transfer fee of $ 0.25.


Then please click “Paypal”


Enter your Paypal email then click Confirm


Continue Confirm to complete the process of withdrawing money from Clipclaps to Paypal. (usually only 3–5 days will be money in Paypal)


You can view the payment history in the payment history section.


This is a legitimate app that pays you to watch videos, upload videos and join various challenges. You can also earn extra money when you recommend and invite friends to join the application. It’s easy to get Clapcoins because the videos are updated every hour. If you are looking for an interesting way to earn extra passive income online, try this app. It will give you hours of entertainment and pay you to watch various videos.




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