Read newspapers earn $30 cash per day with Cashzine app

Read newspapers earn $30 cash per day with Cashzine app

By Minari | mmowithsun | 1 May 2020

     By 2020, almost everyone will be at home reading the newspaper because the Covid-19 pandemic is destroying the globe.

     Today I'm going to show everyone an app to make money, it's called on Android Cashzine and the name on iOS is Buzzmatch

     The Cashzine app (BuzzMatch app) news reader will definitely be a great option to help you earn extra income while avoiding disease.

     Link to download app:

     The reward code is 8000 coins: 7959100




      Why Cashzine App gives you cash?

      Reading let people get information, enrich daily social skills; with good reading habits, people can expand their knowledge, stay at home and still manage to explore around the world.

  1. In order to encourage the people to read and help everyone develop good reading habits, this  platform will give a certain gold coin reward by reading the article. You also will receive rewards if other people read the articles that you share.
  2.  During the reading process, the platform also sets a task allowance and reward gift, which uses gold coins as a medium to encourage users to reads. Users can exchange gold coins for cash at any time.
  3. Using Cashzine not only increases your knowledge, but also benefits on income.


     How do you make Cash using the Cashzine App ?

     With Cashzine , there are 5 ways to get gold coins in the app, gold coins can be exchanged for cash, and transfer to your account:

  1. Read it yourself: Like reading news, read the articles in the Cashzine App and you earn gold coins;
  2. Others read your share: You share the interesting content in the Cashzine App to social media, such as Facebook , Whatsapp , Instagram, etc., you earn gold coins if other people read your shared content;
  3.  You invite your friends to download and use the Cashzine App , and you earn gold coins;
  4. The platform distributes commission every day. Every day, you will receive 15% of the total income that your invited friends gain, as an appreciation commission.
  5. Participate in the gifting activities: The platform often organizes interesting activities on the WeChat group, WhatsApp Group , Facebook Page and other platforms. If you win the event, you earn gold coins.



      How to register?

      The platform offers 3 registration methods:

      1. Use the Email to register;

      2. Use the mobile phone number to register;

      3.Use FB to register        
     If you choose to register in any of the above ways, you need to perform the verification process. Once the verification is successful, you can start using the App .


      Newbie gift Bonus: 8000 Coins

      If you are invited by a friend or find the app yourself , you can get a 8000 Coins newbie Bonus after download, install and logging in to the app . Operating procedures are as follows: 

  1. Open the app and click the [Me] page.
  2. Go to the [Me] page and find [Enter Invitation Code].
  3. After you click in, enter your friend's invitation code and you will get 8000 Coins immediately.
  4. If there is no friend invitation, you can enter the Bonus extraction code: 7959100 and get 8000Coins immediately.
  5. Newbie gift Bonuss can only be received once;




Invite a friend will earn 2 types of rewards:

  1. Invitation Bonus: You invite your friends to download and start using the Cashzine App . The platform will send you the invitation Bonus gold coins;

    2. Daily commission: Every day, the platform will give you 15% of the total income that your invited friends gain, as an appreciation commission.



Newcomers download the Cashzine App , sign up for a free 8000 Coins Bonus:

  1. The newcomer’s phone has not been installed the Cashzine App ;

    2. Download the app and log in

The app is called Buzzmatch on IOS

  1. Go to the App , click on the bottom menu [Me], and find [Enter Invitation Code] on the page;

    4. Will invite you to use the invitation code of the friends of Cashzine App , and get 8000 Coins immediately after submission.

    5. If you are not a friend and invite you to use the Cashzine App , you can enter [ 7959100 ] to get 8000 coins.


What is Coins?

Coins is the currency in Cashzine App platform where you can directly use to withdraw cash (Cash Out) exchangeable for cash into your account.


How to convert Coins into cash?

Depending on the country, there will be changes in the conversion of coins into $.

You withdraw money via Paypa


The current Cashzine App is open to Malaysia and Singapore. The Coins and cash exchange for each region are as follows:

Within the app : reading completed 1 time = 5 Coins;
Outside app: Share and get someone else to read 1 time = 20 ~ 60 Coins;
1,000 Coins = RM 1.00 MYR;
2,000 Coins = S$ 1.00 SGD;


Why there is no Coins when reading articles in app?

If you read articles in the Cashzine App , you can get Coins, don't worry!

  1. Need to swipe the screen to read the news, if you do not swipe, you cannot read the news content.

    2. If you swipe too fast, you can't read the news properly.

    3. Pay attention to the Coins ring in the lower left corner. After completing 1 lap, you can get 1 reading Coins in the app.

    4. Each person's account level is different, and the number of articles read each day will have different levels of restrictions.


Why I didn't get a gift Bonus and 15% commission Coins for inviting friends ?

  1. Cashzine App platform distribute gifts and commissions every day. The second day (before 10am) after the invitation is effective, you will receive your rewards. Because the system needs to perform a perfect calculation, it will be distributed, please don't worry!

    2. The commission is 15% of the total income of the Coins that your invited friends gain yesterday. For example, if your invited friend get 50,000 Coins, you can get 7,500 Coins.

    3. So, tomorrow you will receive the commission for today.

    4. At the same time, you will receive a reward Coins from invite your friends.

    5. If you invite a friend but he doesn't use the Cashzine App , you won't be able to get the gift and commission.



How to invite friends?

Invite friends to get 2-999999999 chances to get Coins:

  1. Invite a friend to receive a Coins reward;

    2. The platform sends you 15% of the commission every day. Your friend download and log in to use the app , you will get Coins every day. The platform will reward you with 15% of the total income of your invited friends, which can be collected every day. The more you invite, the more you earn. For example: Your friend got a total of 50,000 Coins yesterday, and you will get 7,500 Coins commission this morning .

How to invite friends:

  1. Open the App and click on the [Invite] page.

    2. Press the Copy Link button, copy your personal invitation Link;

    3. Next, choose the platform where you invite friends, such as: WhatsApp , WeChat, Facebook , email, etc.

    4. For WhatsApp: Press the dialog box and paste the invitation Link that was previously copied to the phone. Just press Send.

    5. Friends click on your invitation Link, download the app and log in, tell your friend to go to the [My] page, find [Enter Invitation Code], click into it, enter your invitation code, he immediately get 800 Coins, he will also become your friend.

    6. To improve the success rate of the invitation, you can leave a message to your friend. For example: "Think about it, you tend to swipe the phone every day to watch the news, like and share with friends ... Now you can do the same thing at Cashzine App and have money. The App is free download - do not try it? "

    7. According to your relationship with your friends, give him a message saying that you are more familiar with.

    8. Remember the keywords of several messages, you can improve the success rate of invitations: free, no investment, swiping mobile phones, reading news, getting money, receiving commissions, earn every day, 3 working days can be cashed out to the account;

    Note: After the invitation is successful, you will receive the reward on the second day after the friend meets the requirement of the gift rewards.



What is the invitation code? How to use??

The invitation code is like your ID , consisting of 0-9 digits, which is your unique ID number on the platform. The platform recognizes your invitation code and gives you rewards, associated friends, cash withdrawals, and more. At the same time, in the process of using the App , if you encounter any problems, the platform also need you to submit the invitation code to get the corresponding help.

1. When you invite a friend, your friend need to fill in your invitation code to be sure to be your offline friend. If he fills in the invitation code of someone else, he can't be your offline friend.

2. When you participate in an official activity, if you receive a reward, you will also need to provide your invitation code to get a gift reward.

3. If you encounter problems with the App , you will also need to submit an invitation code for assistance.



How to invite more friends and earn more?

  1. First of all, you need to have a lot of friends around, right? If you do not have certain number friends how do you invite? please do not complain you can not invite friends without friends around please!

    2. At the beginning, you can invite your family and friends around you to give yourself some accumulation. For example: invite mom, dad, brothers and sisters, classmates, colleagues and other people around you.

    3. You have some accumulation, you will become more skilled, then you can invite friends through social media, such as:

    4. In Whatsapp or WeChat group, invite group members to join;

    5. On Facebook or Google+ platform, join the group or posting to the Internet to invite friends to join you offline: For example: a 100,000 Facebook group, if 5% of people become your friends off the assembly line, you will earn at least RM 2,000 or SGD 600 ;

    6. If you are a public figure, Facebook page admin, WhatsApp or WeChat group owner, it is convenient for you to invite friends.

    7. Please remember: The biggest attraction of successfully inviting friends is that the platform rewards you with 15% commission every day . If you have 500 friends, each of your friends earns an average of 10 pieces a day, and you have 750 pieces a day . As long as your friends are playing, you will earn money every day.

    8. Finally, remember to help your friends, teach them how to use the App , help them solve problems, and maintain a good relationship is a good start to make money.



How to exchange Coins for cash?

You can read, share, invite friends, participate in platform activities and collect Coins. You can exchange Coins into cash and remit them to your bank account or Paypal.

  1. Open the app and click on the [Exchange] page.

    2. Click on the amount you want to redeem for cash.

    3. Please note: The first redemption withdrawal requires a mobile phone number (and email) to be used to receive notifications of redemption withdrawals. If you do not bind, you will not be able to submit an exchange withdrawal request.

    4. Fill in your phone number according to the format of your local mobile phone number.
    5. Click [Get Verification Code].

    6. You will receive a verification code SMS notification within 10 minutes;

    7. The verification code in the SMS notification: 6 digits, fill in the verification code input box.

    8. Click the [Submit] button to complete the binding.



  1. a) If there is no unreachable message in the SMS notification service, if the verification code is not received within 10 minutes, you can click [Get Verification Code] again to complete the binding;


  1. b) It has not been able to receive a verification code SMS notification three times, which may be due to problems with compatibility between the platforms and the telecommunications company. In this case, please try to change the number of other telecommunications companies, you can use the phone number of your family or people around you.


  1. c) Multiple attempts to complete the binding, please email our technical team for troubleshooting:
    9. After successfully completing the binding, you need to complete the receiving bank information:

    10. Malaysia: We offer 4 local banks as options for receiving banks: Maybank , Public Bank , CIMB and BSN ; these four banks are more secure in terms of network remittance security and therefore become our partner banks.

    11. Choose your receiving bank.

    12. Fill in the account number and account name of the receiving bank.

    13. After making sure the information is correct, tap the submit button.

    14. Other area: Temporary collection through Paypal .

    15. Complete the submission. We will inform you of the progress of the account by SMS and email

    Please be patient.

         Exchange withdrawal status description:

         a) Platform payment: Our platform receives your withdrawal request and arranges the relevant payment process.

         b) Platform payment completed: Our platform has remitted your redemption cash amount to your bank account, and then you will have to wait for your bank to collect the money.

         c) Platform payment failure: If your payment information is incorrect, the platform payment will show failure, and the exchanged Coins will be returned to your account without worry.


        Conclusion Finally, I have shown you how to make money with the Cashzine application. I hope that with the tips that I guide today, you can make a lot of money, not just $ 30

        Bye everyone!





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