opportunity x5 times wealth when input watford after 1 year

Watford llc company is located in the USA


Let's say that you invest 100 shares x $ 17 = $ 1700.
receive a weekly dividend of $ 75. A month will receive $ 75 x 4 = $ 300.
After 6 months we get back 1800 $. The investment is considered a draw.
In the next 6 months we receive $ 1800. So the real load x2 times.
dividend of $ 75 fixed for 1 year.


As the map above, from August 2019, the stock price of the cannabis pharmaceutical company in particular. and the four companies that Watford manages are similarly developed. The starting price is 4 $. 1 year after August 31, 2020 the stock price should have been $ 17.4. that is x4.5 times increase.

The price we invest now, just to August 2021 should only be up to 50 $ / 1 share. and sell all of this stock.Is already x3 properties again.

So the total revenue includes the monthly dividends received. We have x5 properties.

link to register watford llc account: 


or check out my watford related tutorials at the web. Have full English.


If you need further advice, please contact :

telegram 84972558842 or https://www.facebook.com/anbinh90hy

Thank you very much

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