Business model watford llc company in America

The Watford LLC business model was created and developed by Richard Watford. He fully realizes that the current system of public joint stock companies is vulnerable and unstable. When he lost all his money due to the global financial crisis in 2008. That is why he decided to act. So, he launched his own business model called " People to Company" (P-to-C ) in 2015.

 The current concept almost immediately showed its positive influence and brought huge momentum and huge financial growth to those companies. Now controlled by Richard Watford.

Watford LLC's business model is a P-to-C that enables a free interactive middleman way. As it focuses on building direct, personalized business relationships. The elimination of middlemen makes it possible to establish competitive pricing, which leads to a natural increase in margins.

The concept of "   PeopletoCompany"

Watford LLC's business model is all direct interaction between the company and the customer. No need for a broker, intermediary or third party organization. Our future partners conduct all negotiations and matters with representatives of Watford LLC directly. It provides a legal guarantee for both the safety and reliability of the customer and the company.
  Besides, the P-to-C concept offers a great opportunity to reduce costs and build trustworthy partnerships with each customer, as the current chain consists of two, direct interaction. together.

Each party can be sure of the security of their interests and the safety of the fund due to all the necessary documents and permits. As well as a formal agreement between the company and the customer.

 P-to-C marketing featured

The parent company is oriented towards the end customer. Customers buy shares of the company, to meet individual needs. A client may not be an expert in a particular field. But he will be sure of the reliability given by our team of experts.

The stock's importance is relatively low for an individual buyer. But it is worth mentioning that the scale effect has a large impact due to large sales.
So we certainly say the " People to Company" business model is one of the groundbreaking concepts. Provided to Watford LLC . Accordingly, its subsidiaries, with both a reliable future and sustainable development.

development strategy of Watford Group llc



  • Development of innovation to improve enterprise systems Develop and deploy new technologies
  • International best practices for monitoring and adaptation
  • Technology training for professionals


  • Increase shareholder value Planning
  • Fast and Effective Growth Strategy
  • Develop subsidiary companies in accordance with market requirements
  • Risk management system development


  • Compliance with industrial and environmental safety standards. Insurance for safe working conditions. Protect your health
  • Improve employees and their family's quality of life. Support education
  • Contribute to the socio-economic development of the region



  • Business model, business structure and improve corporate governance system
  • Logistics optimization Cost control



  • Compliance with modern international requirements Data availability is available to all interested parties
  • Update data regularly
  • User-friendly transactions
  • Open dialogue with shareholders and investors



Watford LLC 's corporate governance system aims to protect shareholder rights. Developing the company successfully and sustainably. Effective and responsible company decisions. The company strives to constantly improve the efficiency of its business processes as well as its organizations.

The company strives to adhere to high standards in both the manufacturing sector and the society. Social oriented policy is one of the keys to sustainable development. Contribute to becoming a trusted employer. Responsible, strengthening reputation with partners.





Above is the old model. Below the watford llc model is applicable


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