Virginia Frances Sterrett: blazing through the night

By Yann Thomin | MMART | 30 Mar 2020

1900 -1931

That says a lot about Virginia Frances Sterrett, an amazing artist whose life was cut short by tuberculosis and the world was more dreary from her departure.

Not much is known about her

But her art speaks volume about her sensitivity, her imagination and a unique vision that at time seems to conjure up the psychedelia of the '60s.

Her delicate creations introduces us to fabled worlds that radiates poetry and invites the mind to get lost inside the drawing.

And that's awesome.


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Yann Thomin
Yann Thomin

Museologist, Digital Publisher and Art Lover! The geniuses that will be featured in art books 50 years from now are actually very much alive and creating all over the social medias. And one can see more art than any king of the past. I'll be glad to help!


Art is THE remedy for the affliction of living. Nowadays especially. Fortunately, the web and social medias are brimming with artworks of every kind. Let me bring you some moments of wonder, from the present and also from forgotten places of the past.

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