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This article is a part of a piece that was written for MMAP Magazine, a magazine for the "serious success seeker". The article focuses on the practicality of creating and using vision boards. Even if you don't believe in a Universal connection to abundance, vision-boarding can seriously electrify your brain into creating whatever you want in life. I have been achieving great successes in my life for years and creating vision boards plays a huge part in that success. Let's talk about taking notes, simulating ideas, and positive habits while thinking about the effectiveness of a vision board.

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As we work on changing how our minds deal with note taking, cataloging of ideas, and making these things become habit, we must also stimulate our mind visually for success. We have to realize which visual images are going to motivate us to move toward on our goal for success. Visual stimulation for the mind through “vision boarding” is a wonderful way to help imprint success in the brain.

Vision boarding is taking a board or a space on the wall, a place on your computer, or on your bathroom mirror where you put pictures of things you want to happen in your life. This is where you take bright, colorful, vibrant pictures of the success you would like to achieve and the things you would like to have as you’re reaching this pinnacle of success and putting it in front of you each and every day of your life. I cannot stress enough how important vision boarding is in the journey for success.

Overweight people who take images of the body they would like to have when they're trying to lose weight and put the image on a refrigerator or on the mirror where they can see it every day are more likely to succeed in weight loss.

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People who take a brochure picture of a car they wish to own in the near future and place it in an area where they can see it every day are more likely to receive the car then not.

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These are miniature vision boards. The only difference between this and a true vision board is the vision board is a complete map of what you would like to achieve at the pinnacle of your success. This does not mean a vision board does not change over time.

When we first create our vision board and we are cutting out pictures from magazines or printing them to set up our vision board in the beginning does not mean later on we will not change our mind. A vision board should evolve as you become more successful because your wants, priorities, and needs are always changing.


By: Michaelson Williams

Editor-in-Chief at MMAP Magazine


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