My Crypto Plans 2021

By MlnPetrovic | MlnPetrovic | 3 May 2021


My Strategy:

I am a fan of holding crypto long term(1-3 years), some of these coins are surely to rise up, so my plans are to buy 1000$ worth of Bitcoin and then convert from Bitcoin to these other cryptos, so it would be 125$ per asset. I will be buying Bitcoin from Binance and then sending them off to Exodus. Luckily if one of these coins rises above 1000% which is highly unlikely(but can happen), i would convert it to another altcoin. I plan to finish buying and setting up by the end of the month.

What crypto i am going to buy:

1. Tron(TRX)Tron Logo

I personally think this crypto is a good investment but time will test that.


2. Harmony(ONE)Harmony Logo

The coin seems promising and has a low price, i do not have a wallet for Harmony, and will do my research for the best wallet for Harmony and i hate holding crypto on a exchange.


3. VeChain(VET)VeChain Logo

VeChain has seen some steady growth from april this year and its going for 1$ mark.


4. Doge Coin(DOGE)Doge Logo

Recently Doge rose up dramatically and i am hoping it wont stop that trend.


5. Solana(SOL)Solana Logo

Solana boomed from being 8$ to reaching 45$ of value.


6. BitTorrent(BTT)Bittorrent Logo

BitTorrent is the cheapest coin out there, in the time i was writing this it was $0.007 , and with that low price it would seem questionable not to buy it.


7. Ethereum Classic(ETC)Ethereum Classic Logo


At this time Ethereum Classic seems promising for the long run.

8. Decentraland(MANA)Decentraland Logo


Decentralands prices doubled since March this year and it will break 2$ mark for sure.

Exchanges i will be using:


1. Binance(Pro)Binance Logo


I will be using Binance as my primary exchange, because of its large varieties of crypto and other handy features.

2. KrakenKraken Logo


Kraken will be my secondary exchange.

Wallets i will be using:


1. ExodusExodus Logo


Exodus will be my primary wallet for all crypto that is listed here(Except Harmony). The reason being wallets simplicity, design and overall security.

2. MetamaskMetaMask Logo


Metamask will be my secondary wallet.

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