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By CryptoReaper99 | Misc | 14 Aug 2020


Hello fellow readers,

I recently came to know about publish0x and I love it. I have spent a fair amount of time of platforms like Steemit but this feels completely different. I thought I would create a post explaining a little about me and what I intend to post about in the future.


I am an experienced trader and have been in the crypto space since 2017 but I acknowledge that there are people far better than me, especially at Techincal analysis, which is why I try my best to support my arguments with proper facts and citations along with ideas of reliable and knowledgable people.




I intend to talk about crypto news, market situation, Trading ideas, (I believe in Long term investments over short term/day trading ) advice for people new to crypto. I am also thinking about doing reviews regarding cryptocurrencies but those don't seem to be of public interest at the moment. I might also poke in other types of stuff, looking at what people want to read but generally, these are what I have in mind. I look forward to providing the community with quality content to read.

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