The Lost Wars

By Mira0214 | Mirella Youssef | 21 Aug 2020

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One day, a deceitful king claimed to be mad. After the news spread, the king called his people and ordered everyone to search for the lost wars, as he had lost the war somewhere. The people were astonished, and everyone started to think that it is not permissible to reject the king's orders. How can a person search for a lost war? After three days had passed, the people did not respond to these orders. The king decided that whoever finds the lost wars has a very valuable treasure. And upon hearing this news, one of the farmers came forward and told the king that he was able to find wars. So the king asked:

- And how's that?

- I will plow the whole land and make it big holes, and that way I will find wars.

The king accepted the farmer's proposal. Here is the farmer fooling the king and the king fooling the farmer at the same time. So the people mocked the farmer and did not cross his empty words.

Many days have passed since the lands were excavated. One day, the farmer found a large box at the bottom of the dirt, weighing very heavy. Here is the king's treasure has been found. Then a war broke out among the people, flocking to the treasure, and the king laughed. Then he was shocked at the arrival of the farmer again, telling him that he had found lost wars and demanding his treasure, which is now his right. The farmer said to the king, "Here are your wars, I have found, give me my right now." The king was ashamed of the farmer. That worker knows that the king is not crazy, but a deceiver. The rich king hurried to give the farmer the right. He went to the battlefield and said that the treasure was his and he put it there. He took the treasure to the kingdom with the farmer. And so the war ended. The farmer excitedly opened the treasure and found nothing but a piece of paper on which he had written "Lost Wars". Waste money and waste wars with it.

So, money is the source of wars. When there is money, there are wars, and when you lose money, you lose wars. And whoever searches for this treasure, as he searches for war.

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Mirella Youssef
Mirella Youssef

Author and poet with several publications on My main scriptures are addressed to children. My books contain morals for each story. Finally, I write in three different languages: Arabic, French and English.

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