Waiting for the fish, the fisherman sleeps.

The Fisherman and the Frog

By Mira0214 | Mirella Youssef | 20 Aug 2020

Gestor is a fisherman wanting to feed his grandsons with fresh fish, but during the fishing an extraordinary event happened with him...

An extract from the story


    One day, the old fisherman Gestor, went fishing to bring food to his grandsons. Arriving at the edge of the river, Gestor fell asleep after a long-lasting wait and nightfall will come soon.

 Unfortunately, no fish appeared during the fishing. Therefore, the old man went into a long sleep.


At this time, a large number of fish appeared in the water such as tuna, sardines, mackerel ... and Gestor is still asleep.


Suddenly a frog came out of the water. watching the sleeping old Gestor, he wanted to wake him up with his croaking to catch fish quickly, but it was a mute frog!




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Mirella Youssef
Mirella Youssef

Author and poet with several publications on amazon.com. My main scriptures are addressed to children. My books contain morals for each story. Finally, I write in three different languages: Arabic, French and English.

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