Seek the end in infinity.

In Search Of The Finished

By Mira0214 | Mirella Youssef | 21 Aug 2020


The poems include a variety of themes (love passion, war, mourning, love of money, the authority of the rich, ...). The circle of infinity is the image of the contemporary era. There remains one question to ask: where is the finished? We seek the end of an ocean of evil. And since when does the ocean end? The themes keep increasing towards the problems of the world. A series of conflicts pushes the human to seek the issue, the end of the evils. Although the poems do not show an end. What is really called "the finished " is the quest itself. This is the quest for the finished seems to me a finished.

Some poems


Thanks to all light

Having risen on my verses

Thanks for every word

Having understood a thirsty life

Thanks to this day

Where dawn invites me

To sell my love.



Here is a verse that speaks

Will leave soon as this merganser

To empty my pages

And find only a century on the sidelines.


To you, dear reader

These sentences in glow

This pencil loses its color

By dint of seeking modesty.




The contemporary world has become the image of this cruel human who continues to upset existence in a series of misfortunes caused by his evil. One also wonders if the destiny of the human being is condemned to continue with the increase of conflicts that do not end. Passion and its negative effects on human, materialism in all its disadvantages, war, misbehavior and other themes dominate this work which is a search or a vain attempt to find an end to likely situations. Thus, begins the search for the finished in infinity.


Poem 1

At the bottom of a fortress

Is it stones in roses?

That the jailers water

Ocher and promise?


Pour from your days the wrong

The feathers are bare

Current of remorse

Inundates your solitude!


I dread a treasure

Already mixed up by your fate

If we were a pair

Triumph loses.


The goldenness of your soul

Turns out armor

And the tone persists

Like a swelling.


Nebulous in your eyes

What reigns the heavens

Enter your circle

Relate a whole century.


Poem 2

On this wall the thrill

Announces the invisible

To the burning wharf

To the scums of time.


Ardent, your look

Is it understood?

Pay the fire and your

Forces dry!


On this bridge a wish

A criminal salutes your steps

Steal these steps,

My globe is an ax.


At this sigh where I celebrate

And I'm delirious

The memory dares to pass

Scarves were blazing.


Reason mute at the heart

Of these rustling

Yes, it's the execution

Stirring you at this morning.



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Mirella Youssef
Mirella Youssef

Author and poet with several publications on My main scriptures are addressed to children. My books contain morals for each story. Finally, I write in three different languages: Arabic, French and English.

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