What is the Definition of Insanity?

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Some people say that the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing and expect different results. If you find that things are taking place smoothly in your life, like a well-oiled machine, do what you do. If it's not broken, don't fix it! Instead, wash, rinse and repeat. And at this point, you sit in a room of gratitude for the blessings you have received. But if you start to see negative patterns in your life, and it seems like you are constantly hitting on a wall, you might have to change the dance. Change things a little and look at your personal growth.

We all develop defensive mechanisms to face the painful challenges and feelings or moments of our lives to simply push our way through the hardest of times. In some cases, we build up these components without knowing it. And it is these defensive mechanisms that have helped us overcome the greatest pain in the fastest time that normally stand on the subconscious. It is in its simplest form, muscle memory and a completely natural thing to do. But there comes a time when these defensive mechanisms no longer work in the service of their greater good, so it is time to change the dance.

Remember that with our life experiences, we are constantly changing our lives, so why did we wait for the same defenses to always work? Most defense mechanisms developed as a child and sometimes very negatively. A child who was ignored, for example, might have thrown his school work to get some kind of recognition. But what this kid really did is that they turned away from negative feelings inside. And dealing with deep inner feelings is the only way to really eliminate pain and overcome the need to be defensive, to get what we want from life in a healthy way.

We have the ability to heal our pain by spreading patterns that we no longer need. Sit down with our pain or anger and really feel that this is the only way to let it go. As painful as it is, only then can you look inward to find your truth and use that truth to cope with a situation or a feeling of changing the result of what seems to be the wall. You can then search from what you want by adjusting and modifying yourself and your actions so that you can get it.

So if it doesn't go as planned, the dance changes. In this new year, try to abandon your defense and start using your mind, heart, and mind to find in your sense of peace and joy. You can then find your inner strength to define new processes to get exactly what you are looking for in life. Remember, your peace and happiness begin and ends with you and your mind! That, dear friends, was my lesson again this year. Life is a job that goes all the time!


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An Unstoppable Entrepreneur

Miracle Tele offers in a new manner
Miracle Tele offers in a new manner

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