Is Life a Race? How to deal with it?

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This is a difficult investigation, but if you're not in a real race, it's not your job to run to the finish line. Life is short enough without the whole society trying to move quickly through the next step before the end of the current phase. It Is so important in this life to enjoy everything that awaits you with joy and gratitude, paying attention to the journey along the way. It Is in the way of life where we receive our blessings, learns our lessons and grows as a person, but most are so busy giving this next step that we tend to lose these important milestones that form. Our lives.

For type A personalities like me, this is a very hard lesson. By constantly concentrating on the right goal and reaching the goal, you usually lose all the beauty right in front of you. More importantly, there are lessons to be learned in life, and if you are constantly looking for the goal, these lessons are moving away from you. But be assured that they will surely encourage you to bite again. Always do, so take the time to feel the roses and enjoy the trip, but difficult is a trip that can be. In fact, it is your journey to have and live, now you can enjoy, recognize, treat, learn and grow. Aren't we winning so much?

Talk to your mother that she couldn't wait for her baby to walk for the convenience of him, and then ask her how she feels after her child no longer wants to be kept. It Is only when this child is running that he realizes that he has lost in recent times when his son wanted to stay close to her. It Is a sad understanding for her that she wanted to execute the trial and she can never recover that moment.

Don't forget to take the time now to see the beauty that surrounds you. In chaotic, confused or even sad moments in your life, take the time to sit in the present time observing all the blessings of your life. Simpler said than done, truly, however, recollect that toward the day's end tomorrow isn't guaranteed. The sum total of what you have is today and this minute. And even though things sometimes don't seem ideal and sometimes you also have to look harder than usual, your blessings are still there, right in front of you.

I share it with you, because writing is how I heal, and I recently forgot the lesson of enjoying the trip again. Like many, they often fall, but sometimes I come back and if I can help a human being through my experience, I'm called to do just that. So even share with someone you think you could use that sweet reminder of the important things in life.



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