What can Minter Network & Minterscan do for you?

What can Minter Network & Minterscan do for you?

By Chriss | Minter Network / Minterscan | 28 Dec 2019

Hello everyone!

Get ready for the 3rd decade of this new millennium!

Our generation is privileged, we can say

"I was born in the previous millennium"

Our children will never be able to boast about this thing.

Since the beginning of this new Millennium, we have experienced incredible things

The first decade made us discover:

  • The Birth of the Blockchain (2008, but before that, in 1991, the first studies worked on a concept of "cryptographically secure block chains")
  • The Birth of Bitcoin (2009)

The second decade has been rich in discoveries and novelties. At the end of 2019, we can count on no less than 6000 different Altcoins, including the main (or most representative) ones:

  • Litecoin (2011)
  • Ripple (2012)
  • Dogecoin (2013)
  • Auroracoin (2014)
  • Dash (2014)
  • Monero (2014)
  • Ethereum (2015)
  • Zcash (2016)
  • Lisk (2016)
  • DeepOnion (2017)
  • EOS (2017)
  • Cardano (2017)
  • Lunch Money (2018)
  • Qravity (2018)
  • Vite (2019)
  • V Systems (2019)
  • BitTorrent (2019)

  • BIP (Minter Network) (2019)

Because of all these advances, in the cryptocurrency world, the constant development of the Blockchain technology, the creation of new cryptocurrencies, every day, etc....

This does not make them easy to use, each Major Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Ripple, etc ... requires a special wallet.

A team of enthusiasts (the founders and first developers of Minter Network) worked for more than a year on the principle of "how to facilitate the use of cryptocurrencies". - That's how Minter Network was born.



The initial name chosen on 19 December 2017 was "MONETA", on 30 December of the same year they decided to rename the project "ATOM" after buying the domain name "atom.me" they realized that "COSMOS Collects" had already chosen the same name, and so on 23 January 2018 Minter Network was born, and the website https://www.minter.network/ is launched.



Since then, Minter Network has continued to grow:


To date Minter Network and Minterscan it's:

  • Emission of 1,467,000,000 BIPs (i.e. 314 additional BIPs every 5 seconds)
  • 0.04$ BIP price
  • 44 Validators (+ 29 candidates online)
  • More than 9400 Delegators
  • 1,555 Coins on the network (for a total of 636,482,151 BIP)
  • An average fee of 0.25 BIP per transactions




Concretely, what can be done on Minter Network and Minterscan?


Before starting anything, you need to create your BIP address with the BIP Wallet (Also Available on Android and iOS)

Then it's up to you to see if you want to get your first BIP, via this site: https://minter.1001btc.com/en/, Exchange possible in BTC, ETH, USDT


Or go around the network to understand how it works, and start earning some Cryptos from the Minter Network, or via faucets (https://minterfaucet.pro/):

Minter Network offers the possibility to create your own cryptocurrency, which will then be emitted on the network, and you will be able to do what you want with it, share it with friends, distribute it, organize games, contests, as it will have cost you a certain amount (amount you will decide according to the Supply you want to create) your own cryptocurrency will have a real value on Minterscan  (here is a link explaining how to create your cryptocurrency with Minter)

The big advantage is that even though currently 1555 different Coins are available on Minterscan, all of them can be stored in your BIP Wallet.

One of the most interesting aspects is the principle of Delegation (which can be assimilated to Staking for other Cryptocurrencies/Altcoins).

For all Altcoins (I'm talking about those that can be staked under the "Proof-of-Stake (PoS)" protocol), we have to juggle between several sites, because not all Staking sites make available the Cryptos we want to stake, or buy shares of Masternodes.

With fees exceeding (for some) well over 15-17% (I even saw a site that takes 90% fees on Masternodes shares (so there is only 10% left for the one who invested in the Masternode, which is not at all fair))


On Minterscan we can see that the fees are from 1 to 7% (and in general for the highest % of fees, the rate is degressive, depending on the quantity delegated).


All this with a ROI of almost 100% per year.


For the Validators with the lowest fees (in brackets is the name of the native crypto of the validator), here is the TOP 6


Validators are also ranked according to a confidence index (this link allows you to understand how the rating works); here is the TOP 5


Just for fun, I also put you the list of Validators with the most BIP (in Stake) (or equivalent other cryptos on the network), here is the TOP 5

  • ONLY1 (ONLY1) - 151.9 Million BIP - ($6 million)
  • Minter One - 118.8 Million BIP ($4.8 Million)
  • Monster Node (MNST) - 114.1 Million BIP ($4.6 Million)
  • CAT (CAT) - 101.8 Million BIP ($4 Million)
  • BTC.Secure (BTCSECURE) - 75.3 Million BIP ($3 Million)


On Minterscan, you have a wide choice of Validators (which can be assimilated to the Staking service for the other Altcoins that can be staked), to which you can delegate any of the 1555 Cryptos in the network, and earn (not every 8 hours as can be seen on the majority of Altcoins' Staking sites) from the first minute an income, that can be considered as passive income, in proportion to the quantity delegated (by equivalent BIP that you wish to delegate to them), you can find your income at the minute, the hour, and the day, depending on what you wish to delegate, see this link : https://minterscan.net/calc/reward

You just have to indicate the quantity (in crypto that you wish to delegate), the % defined by the validator and you will see the income (minute, hour, day) to which you are entitled.


After delegating your cryptocurrencie, just go (via Minterscan) to your BIP Wallet address, and check your earnings (which will be the exact figures) by going to "Rewards" (just after "Transactions" "Delegations") so you will see that every minute you will receive on your BIP Wallet the income of your delegation, and you can do what you want with it, this money is not blocked or frozen, you can either delegate it again to the same Validator, or another one, or convert it to another crypto of the network, to participate in games (Bulls & CowsCONSULGAME) – (MinterCatMINTERCAT), pay a monthly subscription on a music streaming platform (FLAT.FM - FLATCOIN) .






Minter Network & Minterscan continue to grow day by day, to offer you more and more services, and all this in a single network, where all the cryptocurrencies will be affiliated to the BIP, and allow you to carry out actions, of which only your imagination will be the limit, for example, buy goods on the Internet, pay for your holidays through a travel agency, buy books, rent movies, etc ... who knows what this new decade will bring us.


I have confidence in Minter Network and Minterscan, and in the future, because everyone can participate in their development, and at the same time, it can be a springboard for your business (if you have your own business, and you also want to create your cryptocurrency on the Minter Network).


Thank you all for taking the time to read me, I remain at your disposal if you have any questions.

Have a nice New Year 2020 with Minter Network, and Enjoy Delegation


Join the @Minter_Coin_Creator on telegram to discuss and interact with other delegators and validators.



Christophe WILHELM

In collaboration with Kehinde Opeyemi


BIP Address : Mx65a27797f331b1191face7310db98688c4b2d05d


Writer for : Rapids Network, MyCointainer, Note Blockchain, Minter, FLAT.FM, Freelance ...

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