FLAT.FM Update 6.0 & 6.1
FLAT.FM Update 6.0 & 6.1

Hello everyone!

This year the Streaming platform FLAT.FM is celebrating its 10th anniversary!

It all started 10 years ago, the founder of a small local radio station called FLAT.FM, understood very quickly the importance and especially the evolution of the music market, towards streaming and subscriptions, which today represent nearly 50% of the music industry's revenues.

A lot has been achieved over the last few years with FLAT.FM  (but also the Universe of Music in general), which was then a small local radio station, has now become a platform for international electronic music broadcasting.

Their concept is unique, unlike SoundCloud, MixCloud..., FLAT.FM does not allow everything to anyone who wants to become a Musician on their Streaming platform.

Trough sites like SoundCloud, MixCloud, etc...., it has become so easy to make electronic music, at a lower cost, but while sacrificing the quality of this art, that's why FLAT.FMby using a complex neural network, as well as the analysis of various elements (quality of work, notoriety of the artist, past events, activities on social networks, etc..) and based on a relatively strict (technical) specifications to propose their own catalogue, focusing to quality rather than quantity, will grant the status of "Musician" to people who meet all these characteristics.



For "Musicians" with the opportunity to appear on this Platform, it offers them unrivalled advantages (compared to other online Streaming platforms):

  • No time limit for a mixtape
  • Unlimited storage
  • All Services Completely Free!

For FLAT.FM users, the advantages are also incomparable with other heavyweights in the music business:

  • Free Version: Gives you access to thousands of hours of listening to Mixtapes, Podcasts, Radio Shows, Unlimited - In 128 kbps quality (which is already just excellent sound quality).
  • Paid version: Gives you access to thousands of hours of listening to Mixtapes, Podcasts, Radio Broadcasts, Unlimited - In 320 kbps quality, and downloading your favorite Mixtapes!

The price of the monthly subscription is almost a gift, for all the services provided.

  • You can pay in Russian Rouble (RUB), i.e. (at the rate of 15 February 2020) 89 RUB = $1.4, directly with a credit card (if you pay for 2 months, i.e. $2.8 - 178 RUB, you will receive a CashBack of 30 RUB).
  • Or you can pay directly with FLATCOIN, Cryptocurrency created by FLAT.FM on Minter Network in October 2019 - 1341 FLATCOIN or $0.7

I challenge you to find such an online Streaming platform, cheaper than FLAT.FM!

In 2020, FLAT.FM has already offered us 2 New Updates, and it's only been 50 days since the year just started!

In January: FLAT.FM 6.0


  • A better organization of the Music Channels for "Musicians" and "Listeners".
  • The introduction of new TAGS (based on international standards), such as: #Trance, #Psydub, #Reggae, #Rap.

In February: FLAT.FM 6.1


  • You now have the possibility to rate the Mixes according to a form of rating, which above all allows you to have a better organization of the "TOP", the interesting fact to know is that, as a user of this platform you have a weight of Voices, which means that the more you get involved in the FLAT.FM community, the more this weight of voice will increase, and at the same time will give a stronger impact when rating Mixes.
  • The new "TOP" ranking is based on a complex algorithm that will allow a better visibility of the Mixtapes that really appeal to the community, even if they have been online for several years already, and as said above, the more you are involved in the community, the more your voting weight will be important.

So by listening to mixes, leaving notes, commenting and showing any other activity, you contribute to the development and operation of the platform, allowing other listeners to always have quick access to the highest quality music and to listen to it yourself.



FLAT.FM aims to satisfy you more and more, and to do always better, offering you the best sound quality, at very low prices, and a better quality of music.

What's next? For the FLAT.FM 6.2 update, here is a brief overview of what the platform has in store for you: Payment for the artists, and for you the possibility to support financially (through donations) your favorite artists, and more ...

In the coming weeks, you will also have the possibility to download the App directly from the Google Play Store.

Join the music revolution too, choose FLAT.FM, and discover the best this platform has to offer.


Today FLAT.FM it's :

  • 11 332 Mixes on the platform
  • 581 Artists
  • An average of 12 new ones added daily

FLAT.FM community and I are at your service if you have any further questions or requests

Feel free to join us, on Telegram & Telegram ChatFacebookTwitter


See you soon

Christophe WILHELM


Published with the agreement of FLAT.FM

Credits photo : https://flat.fm/


Writer for : Rapids Network, MyCointainer, Note Blockchain, Minter, FLAT.FM.

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