Consul Node & Consul Club

Consul Node & Consul Club

Hello everyone!

Consul Node and all the members of this Validator wish you all, an happy and prosperous year 2020, as well as the best of health and the best that can happen to you.

Consul Node, Validator on Minter Network, has set up a new feature, in this new year 2020 which has just started, since January 1st, Konstantin Nardin (founder of Consul Node) and all the team of Consul Node have created the CONSUL CLUB !

Allowing them to reward their Delegators according to certain criteria, and to offer them the best advantages possible

CONSUL CLUB consists of 3 categories:

  • GOLD



Each Member of CONSUL CLUB receives a card with a QR Code, linked directly to his BIP Wallet.

Here are the Criteria for claiming a card from CONSUL CLUB, which is divided into 6 points:

  • 1. Member of the team
  • 2. To be a Delegator (More informations here) (Consul Node Validator Address (For Delegate your Coins) :  Mpc9fc1052e075054cdbfb6443a6d14d97be9d4f19a10505c4323b52a78ca4bb18)
  • 3. Be active within the Node (Participate in activities, make Consul Node known, share information, write articles, make videos, etc ...).
  • 4. Actively assist the Community and help them where necessary
  • 5. Represent Consul Node, his interests, popularization and a positive image, in the world of cryptocurrencies.
  • 6. Have a positive activity on the official chat of Consul Node (as well as CONSULCOIN and CONSULGAME)


  • 7. An additional point may be awarded depending on the team's decision.


For the Delegation (regardless of which of the 1563 Coins of Minter Network) it is defined under the value BIP :

  • 1 to 9 999 BIP: SILVER
  • From 10 000 BIP : GOLD
  • From 100,000 BIP: PLATINUM


Here is how the calculation is made to receive your CONSUL CLUB card

  • Platinum: 6 Points completed
  • Gold : 5 Points completed 
  • Silver: 3 points (the team decision point is mandatory)

This list is not definitive, it can be modified at any time, there can also be an individual approach for each candidate.

It is also interesting to know, that if you integrate the SILVER status within CONSUL CLUB, that you have delegated less than 10 000 BIP, and depending on your interest and involvement within Consul Node (as well as CONSULCOIN and CONSULGAME) the team can decide to give you the GOLD status within the CONSUL CLUB.


Here are the advantages offered to CONSUL CLUB cardholders

1. Commissions :

  • Gold: 3% on all cryptos (from Minter Network) delegates.
  • Platinum: 1% on all (Minter Network) delegate cryptos

2. + 10% for all wins in Consul Node draws.

3. + 1 free Bulls and Cows game @ConsulGamebot

4. + Cowboy salary (after updating the game, the size depends on the nominal value of the card)

5. + Extra draw only among cardholders:

  • ~ weekly random - 1 winner: 200 BIP if Platinum wins, 150 if Gold wins and 100 if Silver wins.
  • ~ monthly random - 1 winner: 1000 BIP if Platinum wins, 700 if Gold wins and 500 if Silver wins.

6 + Guaranteed privileges in all future Consul Node projects!


The cards attributed to members are definitive (you can go from Silver to Gold, from Gold to Platinum), the only way to lose it is to become Anti-CONSUL (but nobody wants to, why would you want to lose such nice advantages?).

Currently, CONSUL CLUB has 14 Members :

  • 9 SILVER Members
  • 2 GOLD Members
  • 3 PLATINUM Members

If you too would like to take advantage of the best Consul Node has to offer, here's how to proceed:



Consul Node, wishes you all a very happy new year 2020!

(Consul Node Validator Address (For Delegate your Coins) :  Mpc9fc1052e075054cdbfb6443a6d14d97be9d4f19a10505c4323b52a78ca4bb18)


Join the @Minter_Coin_Creator on telegram to discuss and interact with other delegators and validators.



Christophe WILHELM

In collaboration with Kehinde Opeyemi


BIP Address : 




Writer for : Rapids Network, MyCointainer, Note Blockchain, Minter, FLAT.FM, Freelance ...

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