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By Blurryface | Mining the etherium | 2 May 2019

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We should develop a game that is pretty much free to play that you earn bitcoin in game that can be used to buy more pieces of the map.. then there would be loyalty bonuses for logging in each day.. and when the entire map was complete there would be opportunities to buy gear.. 


All and all just leveling up character with real life currency would be enough to make people buy from own pockets and if they don't it would be years before they made a dollar.. You could market it to anyone really.. It would be like Robles in a sense but you are doing something not just earning imaginary dollars you can't spend other than in the game..


I would like to see a Bethesda esk  game that is based around ideas we bring to the table...  


Anyone Kenn I know your during to get your fingers wet

And as stack prices go up so does opportunity for game.. unless it's developed like moon servers where as it goes up it levels out gains to adjust for price.


Topics that help you in daily life, that can be transferable to that aswell.

Mining the etherium
Mining the etherium

What Jupiter is like and how to get there.

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