Chia Farming Revisited

Chia Farming Revisited

By Rands888 | Mining Altcoins in 202X | 11 Jul 2021

Previously I posted a review of the #Chia Farming process (#XCH):

Since that review, Pools have been introduced and therefore I am providing an update.


Since the release of Official Pools, things are starting to balance out a bit. The link above will help you understand the nuts-and-bolts on what Chia Farming is and how to do it. 

You can find more technical details at


  • Energy consumption is way lower than mining any other alt coin
  • You can plot farms on most any quad-core CPU
  • Small HDDs are easy to find or can be salvaged off old machines
  • Pooling is offered now. You don't need to proof a block in order to accumulate #XCH
    • The Official Pools are secure and you maintain control of earned chia and the payout threshold for this pool (Space Pool) is 0.01 XCH
  • Space Pool



  • Some of the Chinese farmers have banded together to form ad-hoc pools
    • One of the largest is literally claiming >33% of all Chia
    • The estimated worldwide storage pool is >35EBs (yes, that's Exobytes!)
    • 749bd88e11d478b2854d907d0eed98cf8520d48a09ce8fc39c161751529b2ddd.png
    • Top 3 pools shown
  • It is almost impossible to compete as a solo miner
  • Storage is becoming hard to find at reasonable prices
  • Chia is not listed on most exchanges
  • If you switch from solo to pool mining, you must replot all of your farming plots
    • If you switch from pool to pool, you will not need to replot



Top 10

Top 10 pools are shown (by size)


Please follow and feel free to ask questions in the comments.

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Mining Altcoins in 202X
Mining Altcoins in 202X

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