Recommended sites (PTC) to earn bitcoin

By Jei007 | MilloFactory | 13 Apr 2022

BTCClicks: perhaps the best PTC for earning bitcoins. Several years online and currently paying. Advertisements and paid referral system. Free and for all countries.

CryptoTab: A relatively new site that works great. It highlights its browsing mode (identical to Chrome), which allows you to earn Satoshis without doing anything. Its strength lies in its mining system, which can extract bitcoins by combining the power of all users' computers.

Another very positive aspect is that payments are received quite quickly. It works for all countries and is of course completely free. A great alternative for those who wonder how to get bitcoins easily and without too much effort. It is a PTC where you simply watch ads to get small rewards in the form of Satoshis. Users from all over the world can sign up and generate free bitcoins right from the start.

adBTC: This is a very short site with few options, but it allows you to earn bitcoins for free and reliably. Like the previous ones, it is available for users from all over the world. The minimum payment is very easy to reach (10,000 satoshis).

CoinPayU: One of the fastest growing PTC sites in recent months. Although there are several ways to get totally free Satoshis, it mainly emphasizes its classifieds section (where there are many to be seen every day). This means that the minimum payment amount (only 10,000 satoshi) is very easy to reach for any active user.

There is no need to assign a specific wallet, so you can use your favorite wallet easily.

BtcVic: One of the few platforms that has survived the test of time (online since 2014), even though it is a simple PTC, irrefutable proof that the admin who runs it (Jessi Williams) is honest and trustworthy. Just look at the ads to get Satoshis every day.

Moreover, it offers the possibility to promote any kind of business in a very economical way, since it has a very complete and economical advertising system, very useful to get referrals on other platforms or to generate traffic to your website.

Although the income per ad is very low, the time investment is minimal, which makes the effort/benefit ratio interesting. The minimum withdrawal amount is 10,000 satoshi and is commission free.

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