How to earn crypto-currencies safely

By Jei007 | MilloFactory | 13 Apr 2022

More and more people are asking me how to earn bitcoins online for free. The incredible growth of this crypto-currency and its increasing presence in the media means that many newcomers are starting to become interested and acquire this valuable crypto-currency. Digital money is a totally unstoppable reality.

With new sites being added all the time, this list is constantly being added to and updated. I recommend you visit it from time to time to stay up to date. I hope all this information helps you fill your bitcoin wallets as easily and quickly as possible.

Sites to earn free bitcoins with advertising.

This is the method I mainly use to get small shares of bitcoin easily and without risk. Like the famous PTC, in some of these sites we have the opportunity to collect satoshis just by seeing the ads.

In others, we just have to play games, complete tasks or solve simple captchas to get small rewards. These are commonly called taps, and their use is increasing year by year. If you don't know how they work, I suggest you read this article before you start.

Both of these sites are funded by the advertising they contain, such as affiliate platforms, Google Adsense, referral links to other Bitcoin-related sites, etc.

More traffic, more profits. For this reason, they reward users who enter and interact with these pages with small incentives in the form of bitcoins. This is a cheap, effective and mutually beneficial method.

Sites to earn cryptocurrencies for free

Free Litecoin: one of the oldest crypto-currencies in circulation. Automatic and instant withdrawals via any Litecoin wallet. Profits made with this crypto-currency can be exchanged for bitcoins at any time through any exchange.

FreeBitcoin: Without a doubt the best tap in the world. It has been paid for several years without any problems. Several extremely easy ways to get bitcoins. Almost no time required. Essential. Free and for all countries.

BitGames: Another very comprehensive and reputable site to get bitcoins for free. Very easy to use and with a very low minimum payment. Free and for all countries.

Coincidence: one of the most complete sites to get free bitcoins. There are several methods to get bitcoins, including the tap, the auction wall and the games section. The CPU mining option is also very interesting because it allows us to earn satoshis without doing anything, just letting our computer (desktop or laptop, it doesn't matter) do the math.

Anyone can sign up and start earning money from the first moment, as the program applies to all countries.

FaucetCrypto: A little-known site, but it has been running since 2017. There are five ways to earn free bitcoins, including a tap where you can request satoshi every forty minutes.

Of course, the site is free and available to users from all countries, including Spain and Latin America. It has the lowest minimum withdrawal amount available: 500 satoshi.


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