Get bitcoins by mining, gambling and betting.

By Jei007 | MilloFactory | 14 Apr 2022

The most effective method to get bitcoins by mining.

Although bitcoin mining is the "normal" method of getting bitcoins, the cycle has changed significantly since its inception. First, you could mine a lot of bitcoins with any normal PC.

Personally, I worked with four PCs with ATI RADEON 280X illustration cards for about a year and got superb results. Today, with similar PCs, I was unable to try to pay for the first day's power costs.

The problem of tracking new seats on the blockchain has expanded dramatically and unique hardware is expected to achieve them (supercomputer slots, ASICs, etc.). Also, the colossal energy costs associated with running these devices must be taken into account.

Therefore, mining is too far away for the vast majority. Only large organizations can bear to continue mining bitcoins along these lines. So what can really be done? Not much. Bitcoin mining is not at all viable for us today.
In spite of the fact that there are numerous bitcoin mining destinations on the Internet that offer bitcoin excavation in exchange for little speculations, close to 100% of them are tricks. beware!

Obtaining bitcoins online through betting.

I am by no means a promoter of this technique, however, it should not be overlooked. There are somewhat more and more sites where you can bet and wager with bitcoins. Sports betting, club, roulette, poker, gaming machines, and so on. The list of these destinations is constantly developing.
What is the justification for this? It is exceptionally basic. For the individuals who make these locales, it is maybe the most effective way to get bitcoins, yet not really for us. You know the cliché, "the bank generally wins."

I have yet to meet a person who has gotten a lot of satoshi by betting on the internet, but bookmakers and other gambling destinations line their pockets.
Therefore, only venues where you can play and bet for nothing (such as Betsim or Triumph) but with the possibility of winning bitcoins instead of dollars or euros are suggested.
Another option is to bet a small part (something like 10%) of the rewards we get on the sites referred to above. Assuming we are lucky, we can double it without risking it with our own lonely cash.

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