Oh my god - where to invest?

Oh my god - where to invest?

By MikePL | MikePL | 20 Aug 2020

Everyone who is new in investing or investing in crypto world is looking to find the answer - where to invest, how to invest, which coin to buy, how much should I invest?


Most of them are losing money even if we have bull market. I know people who bought on the top bitcoin in march (before huge drop) but they played without leverage and now they are on big gain (10-15%).


As an example how to invest let me show you on the coinbase.com

As a rookie/newbie in crypto world if I would buy each month for just 100$ crypto, and split it in ten coins. for example

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Stellar
  • Cosmos
  • Basic Atention Token
  • Chainlink
  • 0x
  • Eos
  • Bitcoin Cash


After seven month I would have invested $700 but my wallet's balance would be...



... $1513,40

This means 216% ROI

Without hot risky leverage, normal, regular 100$ in ten projects investment. Each time same value invested, each time 10% for each product... After 7 months 216% ROI. 



So, if you are looking for signal groups, where u need to pay for information when, what, where to buy or sell - leave it - don't lose your money, which you could invest by yourself more efective.


Remember - this is just example, but it realise you, that playing on crypto, investing your money it is not sprint it is marathon.


Crypto trader and researcher


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