$CKB- Nervos Network - A quick introduction

By Mike.Crypto | MikeCryptoBlog | 21 Feb 2022

Nervos Network


Nervos- CKB is listed on the Amber Group's cryptocurrency app - CoinCu News

Founded in 2018 ,Nervos Network can be described as a an open source, multi-asset and as a coin which uses the Proof of Work (POW) consensus , that is a public blockchain ecosystem with a colection of protocols and has the objective of solving challenges like Bitcoin and Ethereum are solving nowadays. The Nervos project defines a group of scalable and interoperable blockchain protocols in order to create a self-evolving distributed economy , with their coin (CKB) being among them.




Nervos Network - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding

CKB stands for "Common Knowledge Base", is the Nervos coin , is a layer 1, uses Proof of Work and a considered to be improved Nakamoto consensus wich has the ability to achieve a maximized performance on average hardware and online condition without affecting descentralization and security which are considered to be the core value of the blockchain. It also allows any crypto asset to be stored with the same security and permissionless nature as Bitcoin at the same time enables smart contracts, has layer 2 scalling and also captures the total network value using the store of value , their crypto-economic design and their native token , which is CKByte. What makes this coin unique is that its crypto-economic design not only facilitates transactions but also for long term value preservation , CKB is a strong tool for the network and also a strong stand alone crypto as well.

CKB also supports scripting in any programming language with its own CKB-VM , which is a virtual machine that is fully compatible with RISC-V ISA. It´s a verification network and its programming model pays attention to on state verification then leaves the state verification to layer 2 protocols. Ckb also can be used to mining , uses the Eaglesong mining algorithm.


Who are the founders?

The co-founders of this great project are Terry Tai , known as "Jack of all trades" is the core developer at Yunbi & Peatio cryptocurrency exchange, Kevin Wang, that is the researcher, responsible for the token economics and the co-founder of Launch School and Daniel Lv , in charge of the community building and is a former CTO of imToken. To know more about the team check https://www.nervos.org/about/team for more detailed information.




Nervos Network Price Prediction for 2022-2026


In terms of tokenomics, their circulating supply is 29 852 684 211 CKB coins and the maximum supply isn´t avaiable, according to the CoinMarketCap the coin is currently at the rank 141# , the price is considered to be cheap at the moment because it´s much lower than their ATH (All Time High) of 0.04$, as the market is currently in a dip due to many factors. I´m bullish on this coin and I consider that has a lot of potential because of what this coin can solve and many others reasons that are too good to not be ignored.


Where to buy?

You can buy CKB in many exchanges like Binance , Kucoin , Huobi Global , Gate.io , Bithumb and many others.



Where can I store?

There´s 3 ways where you can store CKB , which are:

Neuron is the Nervos Network’s native wallet.

Easy and secure digital wallet.

One of the more popular hardware wallets which supports the storing of CKB.




Here´s some links for their community , which is very active and supportive :






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