AI Marketing - An artificial intelligence that works for you - Part 2 - Explanation of the site

By migenfa76 | migenfa | 31 May 2021




In this post I will explain the various sections of the platform in order to provide a clearer idea of ​​the whole project. I want to clarify that this is not a financial advice or an investment incentive, but a simple analysis of a project.


If you haven't read the PART 1 click here and follow the starter guide to register.


After logging in, you will find yourself in your dashboard in the section MY ADVERTISING, where you can first view the statistics of your robot.
This section indicates: the ROBOT STATUS, the CASHBACK deriving from sales, the ADVERTISING BUDGET and the % of PROFIT, while in the celestial space as a credit card are indicated the accrued CASHBACK and the PENDING CASHBACK 




In the SALES section you can see the DATE of the individual sales made by the robot, the amount of the cashback for each of them (YOUR CASHBACK), the expected time to accrue the cashback (AWAIT) and the status of each sale (STATUS). The item DEDUCTION is the percentage withheld by the platform for each single sale.




In the STATS section, on the other hand, all the statistics relating to the robot and the sales of all advertising campaigns can be consulted. it is possible to see the visits and buyers of all advertising campaigns, the percentage of profit, the available budget and the budget spent, as well as the total daily cashback.




In the TOP UP section you can see all the payment methods accepted to deposit and purchase your advertising campaigns with a minimum deposit of $ 10. At this time it is not possible to deposit with a credit card while you can safely withdraw.




In the TRANSFER section you can request the withdrawal of the accrued cashback using all the payment methods provided.




In the next post we will analyze the OFFLINE CASHBACK and ONLINE CASHBACK section where it is possible to receive further commissions ranging from 1.5% to over 20% and the CASHBACK section which is also the most important because it is linked to a commission plan for affiliations.


If you haven't read PART 1 click here 


If you want to register click here and follow the starter guide in PART 1



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