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By Michstyle | Michstyle | 5 May 2021


I warmly welcome
This time I have a long-forgotten site to earn coins that can be exchanged for various cryptocurrencies. Dogecoin, litcoin direct to the wallet, or faucetpay for bitcoin, among others.

The minimum payment is 1000 coins, which we are able to collect in one day for simple tasks such as visiting websites, surfing or a lot of other tasks, recently they added the surveys option where we get coins for filling in surveys. Me at level 217

You have a withdraw limit of 13,350.00 Coins per day. Every level the payout pool increases

By showing an example


we have something ala a tap in which we click every 30 minutes and we get coins. Plus, as you can see in the picture, PTC ADS - this is visiting sites with ads that were added, most often sites with additional earnings. This is done by clicking and waiting for 40 seconds, and it adds up coins points.

Then survers are the questionnaires to be completed.
Later on offeralls - I personally do not use it, but what I have seen is a nice additional option. Someone will like it and find something for themselves. I recommend checking

Next is Shortlink - it consists in visiting pages with ads, clicking on the claim or other buttons on which there are various ads for which the owner earns the display and therefore shares the earnings with us. These are not large amounts, but always something

Challenges are daily and various other tasks for completing tasks, e.g. visiting the prize pages in coins and in experience points.

What gives the level? The higher the level, the greater the bonus for tasks and more coins.

We also get prizes for the levels we earn.

Reach Level 50

Progress: 50 / 50

437.50 Coins

Reach Level 10

Progress: 100 / 100.

1,125.00 Coins

Reach Level 200

Progress: 200 / 200.

3,125.00 Coins

Reach Level 400

Progress: 217 / 400.

5,625.00 Coins

Reach Level 600

Progress: 217 / 600.

8,750.00 Coins

Reach Level 800

Progress: 217 / 800.

11,875.00 Coins

Rotative Challenges

These challenges appear at random and have a time limit until they get claimed. Will you be able to complete them all?


Complete 23 Offers

Progress: 0 / 23. 124 Experience Points

Complete 90 Faucet Claims

Progress: 26 / 90.

80 Experience Points

Complete 38 Offers

Progress: 0 / 38.

160 Experience Points

Complete 72 Faucet Claims

Progress: 26 / 72.

60 Experience Points

Complete 29 Offers

Progress: 0 / 29.

140 Experience Points

Complete 70 Faucet Claims

Progress: 1 / 70.

54 Experience Points

Complete 84 Faucet Claims

Progress: 1 / 84.

72 Experience Points

Earn 700 Coins from Offers

Progress: 0 / 700.

Uncommon - Multiplier Bracelet

Special Challenges

These are the challenges which do not fit into the above categories or are challenges from special events!


Daily Visit

Progress: 1 / 1.

21.88 Coins

Resets Daily

Daily Visit

Progress: 1 / 1.

16 Experience Points

Resets Daily

These are, of course, rewards on my level and made already, on a smaller level it differs in amounts. I am currently at level 217.

In addition, we get items that give us bonuses,
Affiliations 20% of the earnings of each referral

Additionally, they added a market where you can buy items from other players or sell to other players for a fixed price

In case of any problems, I am here to help.

The site is checked and solvent, I have already withdrawn many times, cryptocurrency on my wallet in up to 30 minutes.

my referral link to the site:



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On the blog I will post various ways of earning in cryptocurrency and not only personally checked as well as scams to warn others not to be deceived

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