Why Miasma moved to a new contract code
Why Miasma moved to a new contract code

By manilpwn | Miasma | 20 Oct 2019

The ERC20 token Miasma is migrating to a new contract address : 0xa52d617149ba4dd280A1D76Fe3821C4547a382C9

The previous contract address was: 0x80b1DC852f3aeeF243ffdD2D47c7435b21284DCb

This migration gives Miasma the following new features :

A whitelist feature - any address chosen by the dev will be free from burning if tokens are sent to it. This is used to promote trading on a specific exchange

Updated burn/dividend rate (0.06/0.04 instead of 0.07/0.03) - as the burn rate is already so low, the burn won't really change that much. But holders will find themselves getting more dividends.

Streamlined dividend system - No need to perform a transaction to make yourself eligible. Simply check your eligibility, and withdraw when ready

Cleansing of scammer addresses - Several people signed up multiple times for the airdrop and consolidated the gains into one wallet. Those addresses will not be transferred over

The original contract code of miasma featured a few damning bugs, notably in the 'transferfrom' function, which had a 10% burn instead of a 0.1% burn. This broke trading with exchanges, as people were losing much more than they expected.

This move also heralds a move towards professionalism in Miasma, as the team aims to create several things to establish Miasma as a legitimate cryptocurrency - youtube videos, a proper website, and a tipping bot are all in the works.

All holders of Miasma have had their balances transferred over. They are advised to make sure they update their wallets if necessary with the new contract address, and to avoid trading using the old contract address as the team goes through the process of updating information and exchange listings.


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