Brave Merch!
Brave Merch

Brave Merch!

By ok! | Meridian | 25 Mar 2020

I figured the community could do with something lighthearted and uplifting to read right about now, so I thought I'd share some news regarding Brave Merchandise and your shot at attaining some. A few weeks ago I created and posted a BAT themed mobile wallpaper and received some free merch from the team on behalf of the community manager. The past few announcements on the official Telegram indicate they're actively ramping up these efforts and have much more to give out. This comes at a great time as the online store has been under renovation for some time now, meaning this is your only means of getting your hands on these items for the time being. There's also a good chance that you'll be featured in the official podcast for your contribution, if that's your sort of thing. Not only is this a great way of showing your support for the project, but everything I received is of great quality- I especially love the water bottle! It's a very cool feeling to have a physical piece of the crypto world as so much of it is obviously digital in nature.



If you'd like a chance at getting some for yourself, I urge you to check out the previously mentioned posts on the official BAT Telegram for more information. I'll also leave the wallpaper (and a variant) below with download links for anybody who may be interested. Thanks again to everyone on the team for all the work being done and for treating the community so well. I hope you're all staying safe in these troubling times!


351665157-1dadc78a7fc068bbf058ab01c47a1cf21a815cb11d8cbd7869566066ec36d8da.png  351665157-738a7656d7ee4038253259d21a60b1bcb45fa206062aff950a94040a3132bd2a.png




Download Links:


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