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By ClemShinigami | Merchant Token | 18 Apr 2021

What is Merchant Token?

Merchant Token as name suggest it is Merchant Payment protocol built on DeFi environment for consumer protection. Project is part of HIPS Payment groups, who is leading provider of e-commerce and mobile payment solution. Merchant Token will be governed by two main factor that include HIPS Merchant Protocol and Gateways.

The Project targeting to offer protection for consumer with integration blockchain technology, with support of smart contracts from different blockchain like Ethereum, Cardano and Solana. Merchant Token will be backed by HIPS Merchant blockchain, where it will be optimized real time merchant transactions. however, HIPS network will not be focusing on Ethereum but it also integrating with Solana, which improve scalability to complete 50k transactions within seconds


MTO Price Analysis

MTO token is native protocol token of hips merchant protocol, as this Token is based on ERC20 token standard on Ethereum Blockchain. MTO token holder gets participation in governance as community and also incentivized merchant ecosystem. MTO will be convertible to Merchant Coin (MEO) with ratio of 1:1 once HIPS merchant Blockchain launches main network. it means MTO will have same value as HIPS native currency that is launching later this year. however, MTO is audited by CERTIK and founded by

MTO price will start with $0.20 USD in phase 1 and public sale ICO will end with price $1.20 USD in last phase. MTO will have 100 million supply in which 50% supply will be distributed in ICO and unsold token will be burned. On 30th June 2021 ICO Sale will end and following that it will launch on Uniswap and then it will be launch on other CEX.


Merchant Token launched by HIPS Payment group who partnering with different payment gateway worldwide. Concept of the project is really great that could change traditional payment system of merchant in future. Project team has great experience in the payment industry that will help this project to grow even more. Merchant Token will be key factor on this project, as it getting huge response from investor as well. As of writing phase 28 token already sold out and it is expected that phase 100 will end very soon.


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Merchant Token
Merchant Token

All about Merchant Token (MTO)

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