What an interesting choice of music I have come across to...
The image in the mix I'm listening to and mentioned in the blog.

What an interesting choice of music I have come across to...

Or more specifically, what an interesting genre I've come across.

Hello, dear reader! Welcome to my first post.

Currently, I am burning the proverbial midnight oil, although it is already 11:30 AM where I am writing from. I've spent all night editing a few videos then proceeding to write a personal-subjective essay on the subject of "Nursing in a community" (loose translation) and the objective was to deliver our own personal experience during this COVID-19 pandemic and what we have done for our community.And it had to be PERSONAL.

Well say no more, oh dear professor of mine. I did the assignment, a measly 2 pages in 2 hours, starting from 5 AM and ending at 7:30ish AM. I turned it in being quite proud of myself and proof-reading it so maybe more on that later. After 8:00 AM, I was bored. I've attempted to start learning Source Film Maker (a neat tool in the STEAM platform that's still in its beta and completely free) in order to start making my own nifty animations in the Source engine and boy, that's a lot of background information, isn't it?

More to the point, while listening to my "Favorites" playlist on YouTube, I somehow managed to trip myself into a rabbit hole and I do not remember where it started. You know that moment when you are leaving YouTube on auto-play and you switch your brain off: you are either listening to a video-essay that's central in its objectivity about why a certain movie sucked and destroyed your childhood or you are just going off on the YouTube recommended when listening to music. I can tell you that my rabbit hole started in the comment section of a animation about life during the pandemic/isolation. In the background of the animation, the song "Tiny Tim - Livin' In the Sunlight, Lovin' In the Moon Light"is playing. That took me to his other song "Tiptoe through the  tulips with me" (thank you 2007s Newgrounds animations) and that lead me to a comments reply about darkwave and goth darkwave. I thought this very interesting.

A YouTube search later and oh my, why haven't I heard about this genre before? First, I found dark-wave synth-wave, with an 80s feel but then I found... this mix that I am listening to right now while writing this.  Bands and songs such as "X-Mal Deutschland - Incubus Succubus II" or "Ghost Dance - River of No return" and "March Violets - Walk into the sun". A whole one hour and a few minutes of bands and songs like this and the closest I've come to this genre of music is "Echo and the bunnymen - Nocturnal Me" or even the spookier Halloween tracks of Midnight Syndicate, such as "Grisly Reminder" (truly a haunting, creepy song). But yet I have never heard of the first mentioned bands or songs. I didn't have anyone to hear it from, not in high-school or college or this class that I'm studying in my last year to get my nursing certificate. (Yes, you heard that right, I'm a nurse that enjoys darkwave goth rock music).

Probably it is because it wasn't called this back in the 80s. It was known as DEATH metal, in capital letters. But no, I've listened to death metal, not my thing. This is something much, much more relaxing. And haunting, in a way. And if I'm being honest, I almost don't care what the lyrics are (although I have caught snippets and they weren't that bad) it's just the rocking-calming instrumental of this genre that I really enjoy...

Does this mean I'm goth? No.

I take myself way too seriously to identify anymore with a subculture such as that. Does not mean I can't give it props for having kick-ass music.

Then again, being sleep deprived makes me more open to new experiences but the following day, after a long overdue sleep (and a longer one at that) I don't return to the new things I have discovered during my manic-post-no-sleep experience.

I certainly hope that I will return to it after a nights sleep and I cannot overstate how much this music is just beautiful to me.

If you are in the search for something new, YouTube "darkwave goth" or just "darkwave" - the synthwave darkwave which has nothing to do with goth is also very relaxing. Plus, what I've heard are only instrumentals in that area.

But that's enough about that. I am thinking of writing my own thoughts and review on a polish movie I've seen two days ago, translated as "No End" in English (no, I'm not polish - I watch movies just like everyone else, subtitles on to English :) )

Stay safe and thank you for visiting my blog!



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Melancholic Mood Swings

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