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Melancholic Mood Swings

Melancholic Mood Swings

Hello dear reader. My name is AnnonValeyard (as far as you know) and welcome to my blog, where I write either movie reviews, series reviews, pop-culture reviews, things that I think - now I said reviews but I am on the fence whether they are objective or subjective - for sure subjective for a long time but who knows, maybe I will improve! Thanks for sticking with me.

What an interesting choice of music I have come across to...

29 Apr 2020 3 minute read 0 comments AnnonValeyard

Or more specifically, what an interesting genre I've come across. Hello, dear reader! Welcome to my first post. Currently, I am burning the proverbial midnight oil, although it is already 11:30 AM where I am writing from. I've spent all night editing...