Fans all over the world show great interest in almost all of the products of their teams, from signed jerseys and sports equipment to collection products, to support their club and keep them as a memory. However, with the influence of technological innovations, it seems that the interaction of the fans with their clubs will reach another dimension soon. Blockchain technology, which entered our lives with Bitcoin and actually powers cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, can also change the management approach in sports clubs. With this technology, the biggest clubs in Europe, including Juventus, Roma, West Ham, Paris Saint Germaine and Atletico Madrid, have already started working to interact with their fans more interactively. By using these tokens, fans can vote in all decisions made for their clubs and make their voices heard more easily. The voting to be made may be binding or recommendation with the suggestion of the club management. For example, if the club is considering reaching an agreement with a coach or footballer, the fan can present it to the game. If a binding vote is made, whatever the decision of the fan is, the club has to implement it. However, if a voting with a recommendation is made, this time the fans can only give advice to the management and the last word is again under the management of the club. This whole process is carried out very safely. Since all transactions are in the infrastructure of blockchain technology, they are recorded in an indelible and indelible manner. In addition, clubs have the option of organizing special events or gifting special fan products to their fans who buy more tokens. In this way, while fans can access privileged services, clubs will be able to access financial support of their fans more easily and be financially stronger.


Barcelona, one of Spain's leading football clubs, cooperated with Chiliz, which produces blockchain solutions in leading sports fields. According to the press release published by Chiliz, Barcelona Fans Token ($ BAR) announced that it was published on the platform called Socios to be opened to the use of Barcelona supporters.


Benfica will sell tickets with Bitcoin


This innovation provided by Blockchain technology seems to change the balances in the world of football. In the coming period, fans will have a much larger share in their club's decisions and success. On the other hand, the Portuguese Benfica club announced that it will accept payment with Bitcoin a few months ago in ticket and product sales. Thus, Benfica became the first major European club to start selling tickets with cryptocurrencies.



closely All these innovations are being followed too closely in Turkey. While Galatasaray recently signed an agreement to issue crypto assets based on blockchain technology, Beşiktaş and Fenerbahçe clubs follow these innovations closely. Considering these developments, it is clearly seen that Galatasaray is at the leading position in terms of adaptation to technological innovations.

The agreement makes the digital token money for the first time as a sports club in Turkey was Galatasaray club for fans of agreement with tokens could be sold socios company called GAL

The maximum number of Galatasaray Fan Token, Token symbol is GAL, is limited to 10 million. Each GAL is worth 10 TRY.

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Football and Blockchain technology

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