My Experience with Home and Cryptocurrency "How to Get Rich" - Part One

By Abas Slman | Media Tech | 22 Apr 2022

In the beginning, you were like me, like many other people. All they know about Bitcoin and digital currencies is that it is a virtual digital currency that does not exist and does not benefit anything, and that crypto is just a worthless idea. I did not even know the price of Bitcoin or its market value on the ground, and that if Bitcoin was offered for sale in front of me for one dollar, I would not have bought it! At that time, I was passionate about e-commerce. I love and adore buying and selling on the Internet. Profiting from the Internet and online sites used to make me happy, even if it was a small amount of money and money. Of course, it is considered a passive income for me and a success project that does not need to spend a single dollar

I began to learn, listen and read until I had great experience in the field of digital marketing and profit from famous and well-known websites, all of this and I never expected to be a trader or interested in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, until the decisive day came that. This site is AI Marketing, it is of course a great website to increase your profits and I am still working on it so far. At the beginning of registering on the site, you give a gift of 50 dollars so that your robot can work and earn profits and commissions, by copying this invitation code in Gift code field. To get a gift of 50 dollars from any marketing Click here, then copy this code "R2GO-691Y-4IDA-WP4H" put it in the gift or voucher code field or what is known as the code After I executed the fifty dollars in advertising campaigns, I got 80 dollars in profit from ai marketing in one week, then the robot stopped working and I had to charge the balance to get it working again and it doubled The surprise was that the site does not accept payments in Arab countries except through Bitcoin and digital currencies!

I watched many videos of many investors and traders in digital currencies and bitcoin, and I do not hide that I began to like them, until I found the appropriate way to buy bitcoin, which is almost devoid of any fraud or fraud. I am new to this field and I know very well the risks that I may face when buying Bitcoin and BTC cryptocurrency.

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Abas Slman

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