Playing is Mining - Model Announcement from Multicoin Gaming Center

Playing is Mining - Model Announcement from Multicoin Gaming Center

By MCC | mcc | 3 Apr 2020



Many Midasians have played games developed by Multicoin Game Center using Midas wallet app and McashLight browser extension. Multicoin Game Center is an important partner of Midas and MCashChain with a very healthy and solid games development roadmap. 

With technical support from Midas for blockchain technology application, Multicoin Game Center will start implementing the first of its kind model: Playing is Mining Model with a dual token system in force. 

  1. Multicoin Game Center Playing Token (MCC) : 1 MCC = 1 US cent. This token issued on MCashChain is currently used in all Multicoin games such as Multicoin Poker, Multicoin Slot Games, Multicoin Sicbo and will be used in Multicoin Board Games, Multicoin Card Games, Multicoin Mini Games and other applications. MCC can also be swapped to and from MCash on Unidex.Market decentralized exchange. Inside each game of the Game Center, the standard chip is mMCC with the rate of 1 MCC = 1000 mMCC. The Game Center accepts deposit and withdrawal using popular cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, XRP, TOMO, MCASH, LTC, TRX, BCH and MCC. 50% of earnings from all games developed by Multicoin Game Center will go to a Dividend Pool that will be distributed to all holders of Multicoin Game Center Shares tokens.
  2. Multicoin Game Center Shares Token (MCS): MCS is issued on MCashChain and its holders will earn from the Dividend Pool weekly. MCS can be earned through playing games using MCC, by referring Multicoin games to new players, by receiving airdrop during promotional events and through acquiring directly on exchanges.



“Mining” is the term for playing the games with MCC tokens to earn MCS tokens.

As more MCS is mined the difficulty increases with a total of 80 levels of difficulty.


For every 0.6 MCS mined, 0.6 MCS goes to the player. This means that the player gets 100% of the MCS that they mine. An extra 0.24 MCS is mined to the house and an extra 0.1 MCS is mined to the airdrop pool. Finally an extra 0.06 MCS is mined to the referrers (or to the airdrop pool if there is no referrer).

Players burn MCS tokens to gain a proportional share of the Dividend Pool. Starting share price is 1 MCS = 1000 shares. The price will increase 5% for every 1 million MCS burned. Every week 50% of the pool will be distributed weekly to all holders in proportion to their share of burned MCS tokens. A further 10% will be deducted temporarily to build a reserve bankroll. The final 40% will be put into the subsequent week Dividend Pool.

With this double token and Playing is Mining Model, we hope that by providing Blockchain technology for Games Producers like Multicoin Game Center, we can help bring adoption of crypto in gaming to the next level.


MCC is being listed on Vinex, UniDex, TVND Market and CoinHe


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MultiCoin.Casino is a gaming platform for consumers across various blockchain ecosystems to play, socialize and stake. $MCC is the primary token that runs through the entire platform. $MCC is the native M1 token issued on MCashChain and currently used in Multicoin.Poker, and Multicoin.Casino.

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