Multicoin.Fun now accepts $TOKO

Multicoin.Fun now accepts $TOKO

By MCC | mcc | 23 May 2020

Multicoin Gaming Center - Multicoin.Fun - is a gaming platform for consumers & gamers to PLAY, SOCIALIZE and EARN cryptocurrencies through playing games, now accepting $TOKO.$TOKO holders can now deposit (& withdraw)$TOKO via Metamask or Midas Protocol wallet to play many fun & exciting games on Multicoin.Fun


To celebrate this inception, we are excited to announce the 1st GRAND PROMOTION from now until 23:59:59, 30th June 2020 (Jakarta Time GMT+7) with great prizes to win!

Prize Structure:

  • Grand prize: 10,000 $TOKO
  • 2nd prize: 5,000 $TOKO each (x 2 prizes)
  • 3rd prize: 3,000 $TOKO each (x 3 prizes)
  • Lucky prize: 100 $TOKO each (x 100 prizes)

Total: 39,000 $TOKO


How to participate and win prizes:

  1. Deposit $TOKO on Multicoin.Fun and play any games
  2. Every 100 $TOKO deposited will entitle you 01 lucky draw ticket
  3. List of TOKO wallets and their number of lucky draw ticket(s) will be announced daily on Telegram group 
  4. All prizes will be drawn by blockhash of the first block on Ethereum of the day 30 June 2020 (by Jakarta Time GMT+7). All results will be announced on the same day. Winners will receive their prize amount by the next day.

Multicoin.Fun is also collaborating with Mcashchain to give away great prizes for their 1st Anniversary (up to 1M $MCASH).

Stay tuned, Enjoy the games & Earn cryptos along the way!

To earn active & passive income with MultiCoin Gaming Center, visit

Play all Multicoin games & Earn airdrops on Midas wallet:


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