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Hashstar Bit Cloud mining (Scam or legit?)

By Mcboi | Mcboi's-blog | 12 Sep 2020

  Well I found this cloud mining app a few days ago and it was 10$ in the play store with only 1k+ downloads. The only reason I downloaded this app is because it was free for a couple of days (I don't know if it's still free now) 

  So what's Hashstar Bit Cloud Mining anyway? Well it's an app where you mine satoshis on your phone. The good thing about this cloud mining app is that there's no certain amount of time for each mining session, which is a nice feature if you have a spare phone because you can just let it charge and mine it thered for days without touching it. What's the catch you may ask? Well if you leave the app or change screens when your mining session is on, all your earned Satoshis from that session would be gone forever. 

   Well this app sounds pretty cool right? Yea true, but this app is mostly likely a scam. Here's some of a few reasons why I think it's a scam...

1. It's too good to be true

 I earned a total of 2.5$ worth of satoshis in 1 day

2. The app is free itself, but withdrawing isn't

The cheapest contract which allows you to withdraw is 20$. These kind of techniques are often used at telegram bots scams (Btc miner, Eth miner, Btc fruit, etc.)

3. A lot of reviews saying it's a scam

I don't know if their saying the truth or not, but damn there's a lot of reviews saying it's a scam.

Even though I don't have full proof that this app is a scam, I highly think it is as it's similar to those telegram crypto bots. Well  If you want to install a legit cloud mining app check out reflex cloud mining (I talked about this app in my previous post)

I don't anything much to say now so goodbye and thank you for reading this post



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