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My Strategy To Grow My Satoshi Hero Balance

By Maya35 | Maya35 | 14 May 2023

We all want to earn free crypto by doing simple tasks such as claiming faucet, watching PTC ads, playing games ..etc

For this matter, we try and test a lot of these sites hoping to grow our crypto portfolio even though some of them are a waste of time

So when we finally find an excellent faucet site we add it to our daily routine work

I have a list of crypto platforms that I use on a daily basis but in this post, I will talk about my strategy to earn free Bitcoin with satoshi hero because when I read some of the reviews here on publish0x I realized that some info was missing

What is Satoshi hero? 

Satoshi Hero is a legit crypto-earning website that has been online for years

When they first started, the only earning option was to claim a BTC faucet and do some offers, but now they add a lot of gambling games so you can grow your balance which I don't recommend (stay away from it)

How to earn BTC with satoshi hero? 

To earn btc you have to claim the faucet every half an hour, from my personal experience you could earn up to 100 sat (yes, it's possible) 

satoshi hero faucet claim

Note: you have to wait for the collect button to appear then click on it to solve the captcha, if you didn't do this the prize will disappear and you need to wait another 30 mins to claim again

After this, they would ask you to spin for 100 sats if you don't want to wait another 30 mins as in the picture below.

paid spin on satoshi hero

I don't use this kind of spin because I could end up losing my balance, as you can see it's not worth it to pay 100 sats and earn 10 or 25 in return so don't bother with it

What is the minimum withdrawal? 

The minimum withdrawal is 30,000 sats for direct wallet address & 10,000 sat to faucet pay

Does Satoshi Hero only pay in BTC? 

That what most reviews missed to mention here because they think that Satoshi Hero only pays in BTC, maybe it was true before but now the payment is allowed also in:

  • DOGE
  • TRX
  • XRP
  • LTC
  • BCH

satoshi hero payment proof

As in the picture above you can see I withdraw using both options (the long-time frame between my withdrawals is because i took a break from faucets and not because it will take you this much to earn)

My strategy to grow my balance

I have no idea if users don't know this information, but Satoshi Hero also has another site called Satoshi Monster and these two platforms linked the balance together which means you could claim the faucets on both sites every 30 minutes

But how to remember to claim? 

I will introduce you to an amazing app that I have been using for years when I want to claim crypto faucets, this app is called Claim Multi Faucet

Just install it and when you claim the faucet click on the notification icon to be notified 

Just make sure the notification is set for 30 minutes, to do this click on settings and choose satoshi hero & satoshi monster then put 30 mins on the notification as in the picture below

claim multi faucet app

Note: don't forget to enable the active option or else the faucet site will disappear from the claim app

Not to mention the app has other faucets list and an option to add whatever site you want to it so it’s good to keep on your phone

When I do this every 30 minute, I could earn up to 350 sat every day which could allow me to reach the minimum payout to faucet pay within a month

Some people would think is it worth it?

If you’re just using this website alone then yes, it is not worth it but if you have a plan and working with different crypto sites so these 10,000 sats will add to your whole portfolio and with time it will be worth more

Another thing of my strategy to earn more crypto is by using their referral program that offers us a 50% commission from the faucet claiming 

satoshi hero referral stats

Right now I just have 2 referrals because recently i restarted using Satoshi hero and Satoshi monster but I plan to grow my referral gaining with time

As you can see I earned 3305 satoshis passively and you can do this too if you sign up and started referring people to these faucets 

Sign up for Satoshi Hero & Satoshi Monster and try this strategy to earn free crypto

Don't forget to mention your experience in the comments so we could all share stories

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links so if you use them, you will be my referral and I will get commission at no cost to you


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