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By Maudcrypt | Maudcrypt | 13 Aug 2020


If you are reading this link, it means that you already know about Blockchain If not. Then , check out this link :

My focus is to help you see how blockchain can shake up the business world and maybe your future. If we have a technology which can secure the exchange of money and information between peers, would we need a third party?

None of us like to have other people involved in our private business affairs, but is there a thing more private than our cash money?

Today if you and I want to send money to our little brother or sister we all need to ask a stranger "Mrs Bank", to make sure that this transaction is secure.However, I know I have money in my bank account and that my brother is really my brother, so why should we need a third party? Tell Me.

This is where Blockchain comes in to play. The secured network that the blockchain provides will eliminate the necessity for a third party in any money transaction. No more fees, no more time lost per transaction, real privacy.

No wonder why Blockchain is such a revolution.

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