Electroneum - Free cryptocoins from the cloud Electroneum mobile miner (ios, android)
Electroneum - Free cryptocoins from the cloud Electroneum mobile miner (ios, android)

By mattydevine | mattydevine | 7 Jan 2020

Electroneum have a cloud based mobile miner for iOS and Android available now. Mobile Mining is simulated on your phone and actually done in the cloud. No CPU power or battery from your phone are consumed. Sign in once every 7 days to extend the miner while Electroneum is giving away millions of coins.

Electroneum Wallet App includes:

     - wallet
     - mobile miner
     - ability to send and receive ETN
     - top-up your cell phone plan (certain countries only for now)
     - track your referral program
     - plus much more


Current Electroneum stats:

     - ranked in the top 100 coins on Coinmarketcap 
     - over 225,000 active mobile miners from all over the world 
     - more than 3 million unique user wallets
     - traded on over 15 different exchanges

Get your Electroneum Wallet Today and start earning 1% of the coins I mine when using my referral code.

Apple iOS

Android Play Store

Electroneum Referral Code: D7CACF (earn 1% of the coins I mine)


Interested in development and in particular finding great use cases for blockchain technology. I'm an early ambassador to projects like BRAVE browser, the BAT token, Electroneum Rewards, and Publish0x. ETN Referral Code: D7CACF


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