Electroneum - Anytask (beta update) A Freelance Economy Powered by ETN Coming Q1 2020
Electroneum - Anytask (beta update) A Freelance Economy Powered by ETN Coming Q1 2020

By mattydevine | mattydevine | 10 Jan 2020



Launching soon - January, 2020*


Electroneum are nearly set to Launch AnyTask.com. The freelance economy platform is nearly out of the beta stage and is set to launch Q1 January. Electroneum's PR Manager - Olivier Acuña, has been responding to multiple questions over Twitter this week and he has mentioned that Anytask is about to launch. Connecting the dots he is essentially saying that AnyTask should be Launching before the end of January.  

What is AnyTask?

The Electroneum team began working on AnyTask.com in May of 2018. They recognized current participants in the Electroneum ecosystem were holding (HODL) onto their rewards and waiting for the value of said reward to potentially rise instead of re-circulating and stimulating the ETN platform. The need for a continual source of fresh capital exchanged into ETN was perceived and the ideas began to swirl about how best to benefit the needs of the users, the investors, and the millions of currently unbanked individuals. The importance of including the unbanked into the ETN economy was at the forefront of the proposal and hence the idea of a Freelance Economic Platform started to take shape.  

When travelling around the world, a consistent observation is that it doesn't matter what part of the world you call home, you are making that call on your personal cell phone connected to the internet. Almost everyone you meet has an internet capable cell phone in their pocket; however, there is an astonishingly high number of unbanked individuals who have no way to participate in the worlds digital economy. They have the tools to write, make videos, take photos, record music and even operate their personal bank at their fingertips yet they have no way to get initially involved. Electroneum are providing the wallet, the ability to accept and receive ETN, and now with AnyTask the unbanked have a way to use their skills and participate in the digital economy online from anywhere. 

Anytask is a freelance economy where users can provide or request digital projects across a multitude of modalities.  It is similar to Fiverr and other freelance projects; however, all the rewards are paid out in Electroneum (ETN) while being paid for in fiat from the country of destination. There is no fee for the contributor as the exchange fees are built into the customers pricing. There is a built in OTC exchange** into Anytask that keep fund transfers operating smoothly between customer and client. The fiat cash exchange will go to purchase ETN from the market, the ETN is then paid out to the AnyTask contributor who can sell the ETN to the market, use it for cellphone Top-Up's or exchange it for different cryptocurrency or fiat depending on needs and requirements.

As soon as we see the launch of AnyTask.com we should see the launch of Taskschool.com A not-for-profit digital education school set up in association with different NGO's around the world to help the unbanked learn new digital skills they can use and promptly offer as services.

Keep your attention turned towards Electroneum in 2020 as I anticipate a big year ahead!   

For more information please take a look at www.anytask.com and sign up to be a beta tester if you have interest in the project. 


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  * In my opinion according to information gathered from recent interviews with Richard Ells, and tweets from Electroneum PR Manager Olivier Acuña. 
** Electroneum have outsourced the actual exchange of currency to two different approved OTC exchange operators. 


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