BlockFi - my first month with a Bitcoin interest earning acount
BlockFi - my first month with a Bitcoin interest earning acount

By mattydevine | mattydevine | 13 Jan 2020

Perhaps some of you have seen the BlockFi advertisement being promoted through the Brave Browser recently. I was curious and I wanted to share my experience after signing up in December of 2019. 

In December when I signed up, BlockFi offered interest on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Gemini Dollar accounts. As of January 2020 they have added Litecoin and USD Coin accounts. 


I signed up for a Bitcoin account and added the minimum deposit of $100 to receive my bonus in $10 BTC sign-up. I wanted to let a month of interest rollover before I tried to commit any large value to an account I wont hold the keys to my coins within. 

Well I can say that after one month of having the account things have been a success! I received my sign-up bonus plus the interest on my initial deposit. 

Each account allows one free monthly withdrawal so I don't have to worry about withdrawal fees if I'd like to use or transfer any of my assets out into a different project. 
If you are into the HODL mindset like myself then it helps to stack Satoshi's in an interest bearing account. 

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