The Top 5 blogs I follow on Crypto, Passive income, financial independence and Lifestyle.

By matty205 | Matty205 | 17 Aug 2020

After years of trolling the internet looking at blogs these are my top 5


1. Mr Money Moustache 

This was one of the first blogs I found on Financial independence. He is consider the father of FIRE in the blog community. The blog has hundreds of articles posted. I have learnt a lot from this blog and put it into play in my own life. 

2. Tynan Life outside the box.

This is a blog I found in recent years. It was a great find!  It  explores alternative lifestyles, being frugal, money management and travel. He also does work in the Self Help area too. A great read all in all.

3. Youtube Channel Crypto Tips

I have followed this channel for over a year now. She covers alot of how to guides for the Crypto space. I've found her to be honest and on point on a range of subjects.

4. Youtube channel Nomad Capital 

I've been following this channel for over a year now.  He covers information on living overseas, migration, tax strategies for crypto , managing overseas investments and real estate. All in all it's  a very informative channel, what offers alot of value. 

5. Get Rich Slowly 

This is a older blog which is on Financial independence.  JD Roth speaks about his journey to Financial independence. He has hundreds of articles posted, on a range of subjects from Mental health to Wall Street .





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Just a guy from Australia who is interested in reselling passive income and crypto


l'm Matt from Melbourne Australia, I'm in my mid 30's. I've been wanting to share my journey into reselling through Ebay and Amazon. This is a side hustle for me. I've been selling Books, DVD's and Video games for over 5 years now. Hopefully I can help others start their journey in reselling and share mine along the way. I am also interested in Financial Independence, Crypto investing and cats. Hopefully I can do some blog post's on that subject matter too.

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