Matic Network GAS saving

Why Developers are being attracted to build on Matic rather than the Ethereum Network saving high gas fees and lower the the speed of transaction which is much needed for DeFi

Matic is highly scalable secured and ready to be used for DeFi


Suppose we are in year 2018 again where you can send 1 ETH ($846) for actual transaction cost/fees of 0.000168 ETH and that would be $0.14 and with price more than double of the current price of the Ethereum  today i.e. $345 with the 8 GWEI of the GAS price and that transaction not took more than 4 minutes to passed 23 block confirmations....

2018 transaction of 1 ETH

Today even we have more ethereum miners compared to February 2018 and also ethereum price is 40% of the price in Feb 2018 thought the Gas price increased to almost 2$ average and many times it went to 40-45 $ when there are more transactions in waiting .... and though users may have to wait for more than 30 hours sometimes to transaction block to be mined....


Is this worth to DeFi for mass adoption ???




And when we are in an era of the DeFi Boom everywhere and daily many projects are being launched with many usecases with DeFi we really need that

  • Cost of the transaction should be less
  • Speed of the transaction should be faster 
  • It should be secured enough 
  • User experience must be on satisfactory note

As of today itself  more than $8 Billion USD is locked for DeFi in various platforms using Ethereum and mainly the biggest liquidity pools of the Uniswap also facing problems of price slippage to the users due to high congetion on the Ethereum Network.



Here we need Matic Network which can be a key to DeFi for mass adoption and great user experience with less transaction fees and secured and scalable transactions within 2 seconds block time. 



Here are some glimpse why to choose Matic Ntwork to built and why developers are more encouraged to build their projects on the Matic Network

See how a contract is deployed on the Matic network within 2-4 seconds at the cost of 1/1000 compared to the cost for deployment on the Ethereum Network.


Be wise and choose Matic Network to build on !!! 


Happy Building DeFi for Mass Adoption.

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Crypto Enthusiastic from Mumbai

Matic Network seems only L2 scalable solution
Matic Network seems only L2 scalable solution

Huge disappointments for the dapps builders and developers while they see a network congestion and gas fees hike to the sky and this things are common noways so they are constantly in search of better option and better network to be ported on. And so far as we have seen big games and big DeFi protocols love the way Matic Network helping them to scale up their dApps and projects.

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