MegaCryptoPolis ported to the Matic Network

Top-5 Ethereum game Mega Crypto Polisis onboarding to Matic!

Mega Crypto Polis Decentralized City to Use Matic Network for Scalability and Better Adoption       Ethereum gas prices and the congetion of the Ethereum Network has been up from last couple of weeks and this conditions are bothered to every dApps to search a better option to scale up the transactions with low cost is nowadays common thing and more common thing is that they all would love to be landed with the Matic Network for the solutions to all their problems.    

As far as the advantages shown on the blog for the using Matic Network protocol to scale up the Mega Crypto Polis Game are: 

  • Zero-fee TX
  • Almost instant TX
  • Aggregated ETH withdrawal (one gas fee for all ETH collected on a sidechain, for any period)
  • Even better adoption (let’s make rent great again)
  • The perfect environment for upcoming free-to-play layer of the gameplay

Here we can see a good tendency by the MegaCryptoPolis team that they have ported to the Matic Network just because of the need of their user as now being in 3d space the game would get some more traction and the traction must not be loosen up just because of the leg of the network.

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Crypto Enthusiastic from Mumbai

Matic Network seems only L2 scalable solution
Matic Network seems only L2 scalable solution

Huge disappointments for the dapps builders and developers while they see a network congestion and gas fees hike to the sky and this things are common noways so they are constantly in search of better option and better network to be ported on. And so far as we have seen big games and big DeFi protocols love the way Matic Network helping them to scale up their dApps and projects.

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