NWON-Kurds-Weighing Impeachment-Assange - UPDATE
NWON-Kurds-Weighing Impeachment-Assange - UPDATE

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Natural World Order perspective on events for better Natural Social Order, NSO.

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NWON Coup Essentials; Old vs Evolutionary Order

MSM Intelligence and Bureaucracy Social Product Analysis

The natural order is in process. The real social order is evolving far beyond the scope of the governing classes and their mainstream media, MSM. 

Impeachment Psyche Ops Update

The first big production in the new line of intelligence products available to the governing classes, is failing to move beyond psyche ops, at present. Pelosi who knows that this is psyche ops, and Schiff, who is psyche ops, are keeping this in the Intelligence Committee. Real Impeachment, begins in the Judicial Committee domain and becomes Impeachment, subject to inquiry after a favorable, full House vote.

The bureaucratic organs of MSM, continue to message as if this were not true, which makes them increasingly laughable.

MSM messenger Chad Pergram has their back


Nancy announces, no vote will take place and refers the Intelligence Committee matter back to Schiff.


Reporter's Notebook: With Schiff, Pelosi's actions speak louder than words

Chad does a good job, delivering the small i impeachment, intelligence product myth. The real story, which Chad touches on, is that voters don’t want to hear it. Not only in swing districts as Chad infers. His message is meant to reinforce the  phony Democrat, Republican rivalry. But voter dismay is breaking out all over the place baby, even in California and New York.

A deeper analysis suggests that impeachment is seen as a distraction. In the supermarkets and public social gatherings, People are agreeing that Impeachment begins on the House floor.

We urge all voters to tell their House representative to go on the record, for or against Impeachment, or vote to drop it all together in the intelligence committee. Without further hard evidence for subpoenas, connected to Impeachment, it is a Constitutional violation.


In global portfolio news

Global Bureaucracy Forces, Lobby for More Military

The funding of good and evil by the different factions allowed within the majority asset class is the subject. Global players fund good and evil terrorists. The MSM labeled, pro democracy militants told the ranking foreign policy investigative messenger on Fox, about the need for troops, in order to work with the U.S. again.

Kurdish military leader says his fighters still want to work with US, accuses Turkey of 'violating' cease-fire, 'ethnic cleansing'

The majority asset players on the global stage, support military engagement for profit. The majority asset class is still largely invested in U.S. policy abroad. U.S. troop presence anywhere, is considered a better guarantee on profit. 


WIKILEAKS, continues to dig up emails and other internet data records from hackers. Until the People’s data is considered safe in the hands of government officials, their data must be increasingly accessed by the People. Familiarity with Assange and Epstein is important. It is essential data to know, and a resource which must not be lost.




Consortium News


#JulianAssange is called to appear in person today at Westminster Magistrates' Court for a case management hearing in relation to his extradition. After listing how the #RuleofLaw has not prevailed to date, UN Rapporteur @NilsMelzer concludes #Assange will not get a fair trial.8:19 PM · Oct 20, 2019·Twitter Web App - WATCH THE VIDEO



Citizen journalists are reporting on various aspects of the fight for a fair trial, to take place somewhere in the world. In the U.S. he deserves a fair hearing. Unfortunately,many of the subjects of Wikileaks data are involved in current indictments before Justice Department investigators. Many former and current high ranking officials, inclduding Secretary Clinton and President Obama are implicated.


OCT 21, 2019, 1:30:32 AM

The Justice Department political corruption in the U.S. must be fully prosecuted before a fair trial is possible.


#journalism #wikileaks #julianassange

Charlotte Gracias on Twitter

#DontExtraditeAssange pic.twitter.com/ylvnuR54gB— Charlotte Gracias (@CMAGracias) October 21, 2019






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