What is Radio8424.com ?

Created: 20220101

Last Edited: 20220101 

The first Internet Pirate Radio Station built atop a Flote Free Speech Social Media; A Project of Studio 8424.

You can now take Flote with you as you go, listening to talk radio from #Flotecasters and Podcasters who are regulars on Flote.

What is a Flotecast? It is a live stream on Flote. Instead of Over-The-Air Broadcasting, we deliver our signal using the Free Speech Stream Key issued by Flote, knowing they respect our right to speak.

Instead of buying an FCC License requiring compliance with edicts of the government or corporate owners (like Vanguard) of what we can and cannot say, on our key, we say what we want, and we promote Flote so others can say what they want. Facebook (Meta) and Google have FTC contracts that users and live streamers alike, have not seen. Those contracts turn your camera and microphone into a loaded gun and make it exactly irresponsible to use any of their resources for your programming- it is simply too great a risk!

They said they wanted to Stop the Signal of anyone who disagreed with their plans for Genocide and Asset theft. They demonetized and deleted channels of those who used to be on facebook, twitter, and youtube, and the terrestrial radio (2) It was right in Event 201: Communications. It's about 40 minutes. 

So we decided that we would get the truth out as part of our over-all content delivered, information that they do not want you to know.

We already helped people appear accessible by Smart TV remote control. Now it is time to don the Program Director role, and curate our own channel based on the best content creators, most informative, outside the censors. When you Pair your internet device with your Internet Speaker or Car Stereo, you can listen to Radio8424.com or any other Radio Station on Flote.

We want to help others do the same.

After all, there is certainly more programming than can fit in our programmatic clock, that “they, them, and those” do not want you to hear.

But someone has to push the wheel uphill, against the wind, as we already have done, now for 2 years. That’s Radio8424.com!

There are multiple ways to find Radio8424:


Currently this points directly to our 24/7 Flotecast key so you can find it easily, and then pair with your internet speaker or car stereo. This will become a website integrating my radio station built-in with my own created key, and Flote’s issued key.


This is an unofficial Flote Radio Tuner I created because it did not exist, to find low-bandwidth requiring Radio Stations Flotecasting 24/7.


This is the direct link in Flote to my Radio8424 Flotecasting key. I could choose to multicast, but promoting Free Speech seems to be the right thing to do, and Flote respects it in the face of Vanguard.

What is Vanguard?

The Enemy.  (this background video link is about 45 minutes)

So who is featured on Radio8424?

We are currently curating content feeds from sources active as Flotecasters, podcasters, and Flote users, to build our Program Schedule. Our efforts will grow the Small Business userbase who want to advertise on our station with the reach of the Worldwide Social Media Free Speech Powerhouse that is Flote.

As Program Director, I build the list of programs we feature, but also how to fit those into the Programmatic Clock so that we can monetize the station for continued operations.

The efforts will be available for others to see, so that we teach others how to do what we do, and we learn from others as they apply previous experience they have to their efforts, that may benefit us all.

When you talk about Internet Pirate Radio, this is not being done on other social media. Maybe someday that will change. But as far as we are concerned Free Speech Flote is where to do it, and considering what must be done for liberty, this is part of what we can do.

Do you have questions?


Mark Watson

702-381-9546 Txt/Call

[email protected]

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The Mark R Watson Flotecast
The Mark R Watson Flotecast

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